What Does Gemini AI Do?


Gemini AI is a powerful new artificial intelligence model developed by Google that outperforms other AI systems in understanding, reasoning, and multimodal capabilities. When benchmarked, Gemini AI exceeded the capabilities of models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 in 30 of 32 academic tests focused on comprehension. This advanced model can understand and work with text, code, images, audio, video, and more to complete complex real-world tasks.

What does Gemini AI do?

Google’s Gemini AI is available in three versions – Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra – each suitable for different use cases.

Twin Nano

Gemini Nano is optimized for use on small on-device applications for tasks such as summarizing and reading comprehension. Important details include:

  • Available in two sizes: Nano-1 with 1.8 billion parameters and Nano-2 with 3.25 billion parameters
  • Designed to power general AI applications on smartphones and other devices
  • Android developers will soon have access via the AICore system in Android 14

Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro supports more advanced applications such as Google’s AI chatbot Bard. Main capabilities:

  • Delivers fast response times for complex questions
  • Understands context and nuance in conversations
  • Available via Gemini API in Google Cloud and AI Studio
  • Integrated into Pixel 8 smartphone

Twin Ultra

Gemini Ultra represents the most advanced capabilities Google has made available. Details are limited as it’s still in testing, but the key facts:

  • First AI system to outperform human experts on large-scale language comprehension exams
  • Handles highly complex tasks in many technical domains
  • Still in prototype phase, not yet widely accessible

This table summarizes the differences:

Version Usage scenarios Mate Availability
Nano AI apps on the device 1.8B-3.25B parameters Coming soon for Android 14
Pro Conversational AI like Bard Unknown Now in Cloud, Studio and Pixel 8
Ultra Advanced reasoning Unknown Prototype testing

Gemini’s multimodal strengths

A key advantage of Gemini AI over other systems such as GPT-4 is its multimodal nature: it can understand and process images, videos, audio, code and more in addition to text.

For example, Gemini AI can analyze a music score in image form and visually understand the notes and meaning. It can generate context-relevant code snippets for complex technical problems described in text form.

This versatile understanding allows Gemini to perform real-world tasks that require connecting multiple data modes – a challenge that AI systems have found difficult in the past.

Use cases: where Gemini AI will be applied

With its advanced cognitive skills, Gemini AI promises to improve many Google services:

  • Google search – Understand complex searches based on context and user history
  • Google Ads – Customize advertising content based on multimodal analysis
  • Chrome – Optimize browser performance using AI optimization
  • Bard conversation bot – Have discussions naturally with Gemini Pro
  • Google Generative Search – Create answers tailored to the user’s needs

In addition to Google, enterprise and business use cases may include:

  • Customer service – Gemini-powered chatbots for better engagement
  • Marketing – Automated multimodal content generation
  • Trend analysis – Identify new opportunities using AI
  • Productivity – Summarize meetings, generate boilerplate code

The capabilities cover virtually every domain, given Gemini’s versatility and mastery of complex, interconnected tasks.

How Gemini AI was developed

Gemini AI represents large-scale collaborative progress across many Google teams over several years.

The key technical details behind its development include:

  • Architecture: Built on top of Transformer machine learning models optimized for stability
  • Training techniques: Scaled training approaches so models can be extended to multi-billion parameter scales
  • Infrastructure: Google’s advanced TPU computing infrastructure facilitated parallelism of data and models

The teams leveraged shared expertise: Google AI researchers alongside engineering, cloud computing and product development groups within the company.

Continuous testing and responsible development aim to minimize potential drawbacks before expanding access.

The future with Gemini

Gemini AI sets a new high bar for versatile artificial intelligence with the combination of strong language comprehension, creative problem solving, reasoning skills and real world understanding.

As Google integrates Gemini across its products, services and platforms, users can expect more powerful, personalized and contextually relevant experiences powered by this versatile AI system.

At the same time, continued research is still needed to minimize potential risks and ensure that this technology fits the public interest as its capabilities expand.

If cultivated responsibly, Gemini AI can meaningfully augment human capabilities across a wide range of professional domains and meaningfully advance fields such as science, medicine, education, and more in the years to come.

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