How To Use Google’s Gemini AI Right Now In Its Bard Chatbot?


Google recently introduced its new AI system called Gemini. This advanced language model is integrated into Google’s conversational AI chatbot called Bard. Gemini enhances Bard’s ability to understand natural language and provide accurate and nuanced responses.

While the full capabilities of Gemini are still being developed, an early version called Gemini Pro is now available for free public testing within Bard. Read on to learn all about Google’s Gemini AI and how you can access it through Bard today.

What is Gemini AI?

Gemini is Google’s latest generative AI model within the class of systems known as large language models (LLMs). Built by Google AI research lab DeepMind, Gemini is trained on massive datasets to have extensive understanding and generation capabilities around text data.

Gemini AI’s key skills include:

  • Understanding complex queries in natural language
  • Providing relevant and logically coherent text responses
  • Understanding the context and continuing a logically consistent conversation
  • Extract insights from large, diverse data sets to answer questions
  • Solving math, logic, and common sense reasoning problems in text

Gemini represents a major advance in understanding AI language over previous Google models. It should allow for more natural and useful conversational interactions.

So how do you use Google’s Gemini AI in its Bard Chatbot?

While the full power of Gemini is still in development, an early version has already been mentioned Gemini Pro is integrated into Google’s conversational AI chatbot Bard.

Bard combines Google Search’s knowledge graph with AI capabilities to understand natural language searches and provide informed answers. With Gemini Pro, Bard makes a leap in his conversation skills.

Trying Gemini Pro through Bard is easy:

  • Step 1: Visit Bard’s website

Navigate to the Bard website using your web browser. You can also access Bard through the Google AI website.

  • Step 2: Sign in with a Google account

Sign in to Bard with your Google account information. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free.

  • Step 3: Start chatting with Bard

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to the chat interface. You can start chatting with Bard by typing your question or prompt into the text box.

  • Step 4: Experience the power of Gemini Pro

Enjoy the advanced features of Gemini Pro within Bard, for a more interactive and refined chat experience. Gemini Pro is one of three versions of Google’s Gemini AI and offers improved capabilities in areas such as text generation, translation and question answering.

Bard should now provide significantly better answers based on Gemini Pro’s language mastery capabilities. Feel free to explore the knowledge and question options surrounding current events, math problems, general knowledge and more.

Key features of Gemini Pro in Bard

While not as advanced as the upcoming full Gemini system, Gemini Pro in Bard is already showing some impressive AI language skills:

Nuanced language understanding

With Gemini Pro, Bard can better understand the context and precise intent behind natural language questions and conversations. This leads to more relevant and logical responses.

Informed and accurate answers

With Gemini Pro, Bard can draw on Google’s extensive, up-to-date knowledge resources to provide well-informed, factually accurate answers on a wide range of topics.

Logical reasoning

Gemini Pro enables improved logical reasoning skills in Bard. This allows him to solve math problems, analyze arguments, answer complex questions and have more consistent conversations.

Creative text generation

Although more limited than what the full Gemini release has to offer, Gemini Pro unlocks some new creative text generation capabilities in Bard around story progression, content creation etc.

Limitations of the current Gemini Pro version

While Gemini Pro represents a notable step forward in language AI, the current integration into Bard has some limitations that Google is still working on:

  • Only English: Gemini Pro is currently only available for English searches
  • Text only: It can only process and generate text. Multimodal options are still under development.
  • Limited scope: Compared to the upcoming full Gemini release, its features are more limited in scope
  • Trapped in Bard: Gemini Pro is currently not accessible outside of Bard
  • EU excluded: Regulatory restrictions currently block its availability in the European Union

So Gemini Pro offers a taste of Gemini’s AI language prowess, but more advanced versions are yet to come.

The future roadmap for Gemini AI

Gemini Pro in Bard is just the first phase of Google’s rollout plans for this new AI system. More capable versions of Gemini and extended applications are in development:

Gemini Ultra in Bard Advanced

Google plans to launch in 2024 Bard Advanced – an upgraded chatbot using the most powerful version of Gemini called Twin Ultra. Ultra will take language understanding and multimodal content creation to the next level.

Extensive language support

While Google is currently English-only, Google plans to add support for many more global languages ​​in Gemini in the coming years.

Multimodal options

Future versions of Gemini will go beyond text to understand and generate images, audio, video and other multimedia content.

Implementation in all products

Over time, Google plans to integrate Gemini AI into its products like Search, Maps, Translation, and more to improve their capabilities.

So while Gemini Pro offers an early preview, much more advanced and ubiquitous versions of this AI are coming soon!

Handy overview table

Gemini version Key details Accessibility
Twin Nano Basic AI capabilities for on-device processing, such as text generation and summarization Now available exclusively on the Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphone
Gemini Pro Improved large language model with better understanding and reasoning about text Now open for free public testing exclusively within the Bard chatbot at
Twin Ultra Most advanced and capable version of Gemini with extremely high language proficiency and multimodal content creation capabilities Initially launched in 2024 via a premium version of Bard chatbot called Bard Advanced


Google’s revolutionary new AI system Gemini represents a major evolution in natural language processing capacity. While the full capabilities are still in development, the public can get an early glimpse of Gemini’s potential by accessing the Gemini Pro version available today exclusively on Google’s Bard chatbot.

So head over to and sign up to experience firsthand some of the improvements made possible by Gemini Pro. While some limitations currently exist, this offers a promising look at the future of AI chatbots and language interfaces powered by models like Gemini.

Expect Gemini integration to spread across Google products in the coming years, supporting more languages ​​and enabling incredibly human-like conversation skills – especially via the flagship Gemini Ultra model launching soon. The AI ​​language revolution is accelerating rapidly, with Gemini leading the way!

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