Google Gemini Ultra Release Date


Google has announced Gemini AI, the company’s latest and most advanced multimodal release in three different formats: Ultra, Pro and Nano. These different sizes are designed to handle different task levels. The Nano is for mobile, the Pro is for general tasks and the Ultra is for complex tasks, including offering computing power to enterprises.

Gemini Ultra isn’t fully known yet, but we do know it’s more capable than its competitors and will change the landscape for Google. They will integrate Gemini Ultra into their products and services. We have yet to get much information about its features or how it will power other companies and services through Gemini Ultra, but they will also offer the API through the Google Cloud API service.

Gemini 1.0

Gemini is a multimodal AI model, meaning it is able to understand, use and combine text, code, audio, images and video. Compared to PaLM 2, Gemini 1.0 brings major performance improvements for better understanding, reasoning and coding capabilities. To make this possible, the company has also used the upgraded TPU v5p as it is more scalable, efficient and powerful for handling AI acceleration.

Some of the capabilities include the ability to filter out documents, summarize data, and code in Python, Java, C++, and Go, thanks to AlphaGo 2. According to reports, Gemini has surpassed GPT-4 in text-based benchmarks.

Users can start using Gemini 1.0 on Google Bard. However, Gemini Pro and Ultra will be available early next year. Pro is also quite capable, as it outperforms GPT 3.5 in MMLU and GSM8. Bard with Gemini Pro is available in over 170 countries and territories, but is not available in the EU region due to regulatory approval.

Twin Ultra

This is one of the most advanced AI models, which outperformed human experts in MMLU and achieved a score of 90.0%. MMLU stands for Massive Multitask Language Understanding, which covers topics such as mathematics, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics. Compared to other AI models, OpenAI achieved a score of 86.4% in the same test and GPT-4V in image, video and audio tests.

The company said they are making some final tweaks and polishing the Ultra before rolling it out to everyone. As before, each company invites a limited number of beta testers to test the product. Likewise, Google implements extensive trust and security checks so that no issues will arise when the company rolls out. Ultimately, the Gemini Ultra will be introduced into Google’s ecosystem such as Google Search, Chrome, Duet AI and Ads. Early testing with the Gemini shows search latency reduced by 40%.

Google Gemini AI on Vertex AI

After releasing the Gemini a week ago, the company has made it publicly available on Vertex AI.

Google AI Studio, an end-to-end AI encryption that allows developers to deploy and test their code, has a lot of fully managed infrastructure, tools, and built-in privacy and security features.

Gemini Ultra Release Date

Google has confirmed that Gemini Ultra is coming next year and will also be made available through Google Genative AI Studio or Vertex AI in the Google Cloud. The Gemini’s Pro format only works best with text prompts and content generation, while the Ultra has the ability to work with images, videos, and audio. As of now, it is only available to select customers, developers, partners, and security and accountability experts for early experience and feedback. It is planned to be available in early 2024, starting with developers and enterprises. Interested users can join the waiting list.

The Gemini’s Ultra model exceeds the 30/32 academic benchmark and also represents the highest level competing directly with the GPT-4. Google Gemini Ultra is reportedly significantly cheaper than the server compared to other OpenAI models, despite being significantly better performing. Even compared to Google’s PaLM 2 LLMs, it cost the company five times more than the Gemini Ultra, thanks to the upgraded chips.

One of the key features of Gemini Ultra is that it offers capabilities that can mimic human conversations. The company is still refining its model and going through safety checks. Not only this, but currently the Gemini Ultra only supports the English language and is yet to be approved by EU regulations. We can expect the Gemini Ultra to be available for general use with the Bard.

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