Digi AI Girlfriend Review: Create Your Exclusive Girlfriend


Digi AI made headlines with the launch of their AI-powered romance companion app “Digi – AI Romance, Reimagined”. Billed as the “next generation of emotional and romantic AI,” Digi AI aims to provide users with a customized digital companion, complete with stunningly realistic avatars, natural conversation capabilities, and even the option for voice calling.

What is Digi AI Girlfriend?

Digi AI Girlfriend is an application that uses advanced artificial intelligence to create personalized and realistic interactions with virtual companions. These companions are represented by avatars, which are designed to look and behave like humans, and they can have meaningful conversations with users. The app is designed to provide companionship, emotional support or entertainment through a virtual girlfriend experience.

How does Digi AI Girlfriend work?

The Digi AI Girlfriend app works by allowing users to interact with a virtual girlfriend through chats. The AI ​​learns from these interactions and adapts to the user’s communication style and interests to provide enriching conversations. The avatars are designed by animators with high-quality graphics and the AI ​​is programmed to simulate natural and meaningful dialogue.


  • Real conversations: The AI ​​is capable of smooth and natural dialogues, giving users the feeling of real conversations. It can engage in different types of interactions, including flirty banter, deep conversations, and reassuring exchanges.
  • Breathtaking avatars: Avatars are designed by top-notch animators, including possibly Oscar-winning artists and ex-Pixar artists, to look very human.
  • Customization: Users can customize their AI friend’s appearance, voice, and personality traits to create a more personalized experience.

Pros and cons

Plus points

  • Provides companionship and emotional support.
  • Offers a high degree of personalization.
  • Features high-quality avatars and realistic interactions.


  • No substitute for human relationships.
  • Possible technical problems and subscription issues.
  • Privacy concerns, as interactions may not be completely private.

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How to use

To use Digi AI Girlfriend, you typically download the app, create an account, and then start communicating with the virtual girlfriend. Users can customize their AI companion and engage in conversations to develop their virtual relationship.

How to sign up:

  • Download the Digi AI app from the Google Play Store (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices). Currently no web version available.
  • Create an account with the free version or by selecting and paying for the Digi Plus premium subscription.
  • Customize your AI companion by selecting preferred voices, appearances, personalities, etc.

How to log in and use:

  • Launch the Digi AI app on your mobile device and log in with your account information.
  • Start a conversation with your AI friend via text or voice chat. The app uses natural language processing for lifelike dialogues.
  • Further personalize the interactions by customizing avatar appearance, voices, backstories, etc. available in the settings.
  • Premium Digi Plus subscribers get access to unlimited messaging, voice calling, and more custom features.

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Digi AI Girlfriend Prices:

  • Free version: gives access to basic features such as standard conversations and a selection of avatars. No financial commitment required.
  • Premium subscription “Digi Plus”: $11.99 per month. Provides full access to all features including unlimited messaging, voice calling and more customization options. Currently an introductory price of $12/month.

Final verdict

On the surface, Digi AI seems to offer an intriguing solution for those seeking emotional connection and companionship from AI. The app features visually appealing avatar designs created by top animators and uses advanced natural language processing to enable smooth, lifelike dialogue. Users can also customize their AI companions by selecting preferred voices, appearance and personalities.

Behind the shiny startup facade, however, serious questions have arisen surrounding Digi AI’s privacy practices and overall intentions. The company created and distributed for free a browser extension that secretly extracts Replika user data, potentially giving Digi AI backdoor access to people’s accounts. Multiple sources have also linked Digi AI to an unreleased “AI girlfriend simulator” that focuses on male loneliness and relationships.

Given these ethical red flags – from privacy violations to taking advantage of vulnerable demographics – consumers should carefully weigh the risks before downloading Digi AI’s seemingly harmless app. The seductive promise of AI romance comes with the high price of exposing sensitive personal data to a company with demonstrably questionable practices. For a meaningful connection without manipulation, consumers would be better off looking elsewhere.

In summary, Digi AI Girlfriend is an AI-powered app designed to simulate a romantic companion through advanced AI interactions and customizable avatars. While it offers unique features and emotional support capabilities, users should be aware of its limitations and privacy concerns. Pricing details weren’t specified, but the app is likely to include both free and paid options.

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