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Delphi AI is a revolutionary platform that creates digital clones of experts, influencers and leaders to make their knowledge and experiences available to a wider audience through personalized conversations.

The vision behind Delphi AI

The creators of Delphi AI were inspired by the legendary teacher-student relationship between Aristotle and Alexander the Great in ancient Greece. At the time, one-on-one mentorship from the brightest minds was only available to elites like Alexander.

The creators realized that even today, access to expertise remains limited for most people. Books, online courses, podcasts – these provide a lot of value, but lack interactivity. Delphi AI aims to democratize access to personal guidance from renowned experts.

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How Delphi AI works

Delphi AI provides an intuitive interface that allows experts to create a digital clone of themselves. The clone records the following from the expert:

  • Knowledge and opinions on important topics
  • Thought processes and principles
  • Speaking style and personality

The clone can have real-time conversations via text, audio or video. It sounds and thinks just like the real expert!

Behind the scenes, Delphi uses AI:

  • Natural language processing to understand questions
  • Generative AI to formulate personalized answers

The clone becomes smarter over time as more call data is fed back to the AI ​​models.

The Delphi AI platform

Delphi AI tightly integrates the clone into communication platforms such as SMS, Slack, WhatsApp and websites. This ubiquity helps maximize reach and engagement.

The platform also offers powerful analytics to gain audience insights on trending topics, talk times, geographic distribution and more. Experts can use these to create better content.

There are also monetization options built in – experts can charge for clone access through memberships. Affiliate links provide another income stream.

Benefits of Delphi AI

For experts

  • Expand the reach exponentially
  • Provide personalized guidance at scale
  • Get actionable audience insights to improve content
  • Earn expertise through memberships and memberships

For consumers

  • Gain access to experts who are normally inaccessible
  • Receive tailored advice relevant to specific needs
  • Have engaging, interactive conversations instead of passive content consumption

In the future, as more clones are created, Delphi AI aims to become a ‘GPS for life’ – where you describe your goal and plot the best path to get there based on collective expertise.

Examples of clones created

Some initial clones created on Delphi AI include:

Expert Field
Brendon Burchard High level coaching
John Assaraf Entrepreneurship and mindset training
Brian Tracy Self-help and leadership development
Dr. Tom Rifai Health and wellbeing

Leadership team behind Delphi AI

Delphi AI is led by Anthropic – an AI safety startup based in San Francisco. These are the main leaders:

  • Dario Amodei – President & Research Director – AI security expert and PhD in computer science from Stanford
  • Chris Olah – CEO – AI researcher, formerly at Google Brain
  • Sam McCandlish – Head of Product & Sales
  • Jack Clarke – Head of Growth

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Interest of investors

Delphi AI has strong investor interest from leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms such as Founders Fund, Lux Capital and Balaji Srinivasan, reflecting the promise of this breakthrough technology.

The platform is currently in private beta. As Delphi recently announced, it will be launched publicly to enable experts from different domains to maximize the reach and impact of their wisdom.

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