How To Use Delphi AI To Clone Yourself?


Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal AI assistant that can chat just like you? One that captures your unique personality, speech patterns, inside jokes – even your soul? Well, Delphi’s new digital cloning service makes that sci-fi fantasy a reality. Powered by groundbreaking AI, Delphi builds eerily realistic chatbots modeled after someone’s online communications. Delphi ai lets you create AI chatbots that mimic a person’s unique personality and communication style. This guide covers the most important steps for setting up your clone bot.

What is Delphi AI?

  • Delphi is an AI startup founded in the US that has developed a digital cloning service powered by AI.
  • It creates AI chatbots that mimic a person’s personality and way of writing/speaking based on examples of their past communications.
  • These clones can be deployed via the website, Slack, and phone to make calls on a user’s behalf.

How does Delphi AI work?

  • Users upload communications such as emails, text messages, chat logs, YouTube videos (minimum 4 documents)
  • Delphi’s AI analyzes linguistic patterns to reproduce the person’s unique communication style
  • It builds a model to generate similar responses that the person would likely give to new cues
  • Users can chat with the clone via text or use its voice cloning capabilities

How to use Delphi AI?

Step-by-step instructions to use Delphi:

  1. Data Collection: Collect at least 4 (or more) communication samples from the person you want the clone to emulate. Focus on informal discussions rather than structured public content.
  2. Upload to Delphi: Create an account at and upload the communication samples via their secure interface.
  3. Configure Bot Settings: Customize settings available on their platform such as avatar, name, description, usage scenarios, etc. Provide prompts for initial responses.
  4. Chatbot activation: Delphi processes the data and activates the bot to chat, usually within 1-2 days. You can deploy it on preferred platforms.
  5. Chat and Replay: Have conversation sessions with the clone via text or voice. Provide feedback to Delphi on answers that seem inaccurate to further refine the model.
  6. Subscription payment: Delphi will likely charge a monthly subscription fee depending on usage level and hosting requirements. Paying keeps the clone active.

In summary, Delphi digitally clones people by analyzing communication patterns to create AI chatbots that capture an individual’s unique personality and discussion style for text- or voice-based interactions. Their NLP technology aims to encode a person’s ‘essence’ within an AI system.

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How do you use Delphi AI to clone yourself?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating, customizing, and improving an AI clone with Delphi:

Step 1 – Log in and configure cloning settings

  • Go to and sign up for an account
  • Choose a rate plan (free or paid) and start the trial period
  • Enter clone details such as name, description, strengths etc.
  • Set the clone’s goal, tone, initial prompts, etc.

Step 2 – Upload training content

  • Add more than 4 content samples, emails, chats, texts and videos
  • More content leads to better accuracy
  • Extract questions and identify speakers (paid subscriptions)
  • Add manual question and answer pairs for specific answers

Step 3 – Check the readiness score

  • Check that your clone’s readiness score is 80%+
  • The score depends on the relevance and volume of the training data
  • Add more content or run suggested questions and answers to increase the score

Step 4 – Implement Clone & Chat

  • Deploy the trained clone to the website, Slack, or phone
  • Have conversations via text chat or voice calls
  • Provide feedback to Delphi about inaccurate answers

Step 5 – Improve the clone over time

  • Use ‘Improve Response’ to correct bad answers
  • Add clarifying questions and answers to answer invisible questions
  • Monitor unanswered questions module
  • Conduct interview mode for targeted data collection

Follow this guide to create high-quality Delphi clones that capture the essence of a person for realistic conversation experiences. Contact us for help!

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