What is Craiyon AI: Everything you need to know

Craiyon AI is a free text-to-image AI tool that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to generate stunning visuals based on your prompts. It was designed by Boris Dayma, a Houston-based machine-learning engineer, and is popularizing a growing trend in AI. Computers are getting better and better at ingesting words and producing increasingly realistic-looking images in response. Craiyon is effectively acting as a trial run for what could happen in the future if anyone can access such AI systems and solicit any kind of image from them with just a few words.

Craiyon AI is an innovative tool that allows users to turn words into visual masterpieces. It uses AI algorithms to generate images based on specific criteria, such as style, color, and ambiance. Users can input specific design requirements and preferences, and Craiyon can generate visual representations of those ideas, helping designers explore new concepts and possibilities.

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Craiyon AI is a free tool that is available to anyone. It is a work in progress and is constantly evolving. The site contains a library of existing images that users can access to help with their queries. Craiyon reminds users to select the style that interests them the most. But users are also able to play around with different keywords, such as “illustration,” “photorealistic,” and “high definition.” Users can also join the Craiyon community on Discord to chat with other users and search for previous images requested by others.

How is Craiyon AI set up?

Craiyon AI can be described as an image blender in simple words. Given a command like “Give me a cat going to the moon,” it blends components from its training data to create a mashup image because it has been given a large library of artwork.

Craiyon AI uses artificial intelligence to add more context. It has been trained using a wide variety of photos, each with a unique text tag. When you enter a prompt, the programme generates a set of options using a variety of picture inputs from its training data.

Deep neural networks, a type of machine learning algorithm that can identify patterns in data and make predictions based on those patterns, are the foundation of Craiyon AI.

What are the features of Craiyon AI?

Craiyon AI stands out for its simplicity when compared to other AI programs like Starry AI, Jasper Art, Midjourney, and Deep Dream Generator. Its key attributes are as follows:

Creation of a nine-image set: Based on your request, Craiyon AI will always generate a set of nine original photographs for you.

Images that are silly and playful: Craiyon AI produces images that lean more towards the whimsical than the appropriate for professional use.

Choose your preferred style from a variety, including art, drawing, photography, or none at all. Additionally, you can use “negative” phrases to filter out particular aspects of the created photos, such people or buildings, that you would prefer not to view.

Artistic limitations: Despite having valuable characteristics, Craiyon AI has artistic constraints that prevent it from making photorealistic images or accurately replicating particular art styles.

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Craiyon’s benefits and drawbacks

Let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of using Craiyon’s AI tool in more detail:


Free: The AI tool from Craiyon is free, allowing users to explore and experiment without spending any money.

User-friendly: The tool is created with an interface that is simple to use and straightforward, making it available to all users.

Unlimited picture generation: Craiyon enables you to produce as many sets of nine photographs as you like, providing you with a wealth of creative options.


1. Low image quality: Rather than having a realistic appearance, the created photos frequently have a whimsical or fun aesthetic.

2. Image production takes two to three minutes longer than it should, which is annoying if you want to experiment with other looks or improve the outcomes.

Given these restrictions, you might want to think about using alternative AI art generators if you want to produce high-quality AI graphics.

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Craiyon AI Free?

The free plan offered by Craiyon is among its best benefits. As far as we are aware, the quantity of photos you can create utilising the free plan is unrestricted. With this programme, you can produce as much AI-generated art as you like.

However, Craiyon provides two paying options if you want to access improved features:

  • Supporter Tier: For $60 a year or $6 a month, you can create photos slightly more quickly (in 45 seconds as opposed to 1-2 minutes), develop private AI art, search for images created by free tier users anonymously, and remove watermarks and adverts from the images. For individuals who value Craiyon’s objective and want to assist it, this tier is perfect.
  • Professional Tier: For $240 per year, or $24 per month, this tier gives users early access to new features and a 15-second wait time for generating nine AI-generated photos. Users that need to quickly generate a lot of photos should choose this tier.

It’s important to keep in mind that while purchasing a subscription gives you access to more tools, it does not always result in the generated photographs being of higher calibre or style.

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