The Best Office Automation Software


No one likes repetitive tasks, but they are necessary for better data management in the office. Data management tasks can be tedious and if not given enough attention, they can lead to errors that impact the business process. It is important to know that we cannot completely avoid manual work, but with the rapid evolution of technology, we must keep pace. This article discusses some of the best office automation software for streamlining your workflow.

The best office automation software

There are many office automation tools available that can help you streamline your work. Check out this list of the best office automation software that you can use to keep your business tasks under control.

Before you go any further, there are a few things to consider when choosing office automation software. With the right combination of tools, you can monitor your office activities and analyze your workflow.

What is office automation software?

These tools automate repetitive administrative tasks in office software, allowing users to focus on more strategic or personalized tasks.

This gives users more time to manage automated processes. Some of the office automation tools include:

  • Front office duties: CRM, customer service helpdesk functions
  • Supporting processes: inventory management, invoicing and payroll administration
  • HR functions: candidate tracking, training and onboarding

There are several types of office automation tools available, each with a wide variety of applications. They are said to provide improved process efficiency and productivity.

  • Reduce human errors.
  • Optimize the workflow
  • Lower operating costs, which means higher profits
  • Improve customer satisfaction and employee performance because machines don’t take lunch breaks or lose focus.


Zapier, one of the most popular and well-known automation connections for third-party apps, streamlines workflows and reduces repetitive manual tasks by connecting two or more apps. It handles your routine administrative tasks on projects and sends task and product updates.


BetterCloud is a no-code office automation software that helps you manage your online workplace environments and products, with a specific focus on security issues. You can use it to improve the productivity and efficiency of your IT team and have pre-configured workflows to automate typical IT tasks such as user onboarding and license management. BetterCloud is a cloud-based platform that saves time and improves accuracy, flagging potential security threats for further action.


Kisi is expanding its workforce by simplifying the process of onboarding new employees and giving them access to buildings, offices and other secure areas. It allows users to add new employees in batches, grant and revoke access from their phone, and ensure recruits have access to get started.


Workable is an office automation tool aimed at recruiters, which automates the process of recruiting new staff to save time and costs. It offers drag-and-drop functionality to create a career page that attracts high-quality candidates. Workable provides a list of applications and new roles and automates job interview scheduling.

However, some limitations are only accessible through premium features, such as reviews, in-platform text, and seamlessly merging data from other applications and video interviews. Workable starts at $149 per month for 50 employees.


Brevo is an automation software that simplifies the selection of marketing platforms, sales platforms, transactional email tools and conversation tools. Brevo helps users automate segmentation to identify customer interests, behaviors and other qualities, further personalize content and build better relationships. This tool is also suitable for email marketing and messaging, but does not offer social media marketing. The built-in templates are limited and some may need to be made more attractive.


Xero is accounting software that allows you to automatically create invoices and claim expenses, pay bills, manage cash flow and generate reports. You can sync it with your banks to gain at-a-glance access to financial information that is aligned and easily accessible. Xero tools are designed for individuals and small businesses and do not offer a premium package for larger companies.

Xero software helps reduce accounting labor by providing automated invoicing, scheduled payments and cash flow monitoring solutions. It is a secure and efficient platform for family offices of all sizes thanks to its security and compliance features, accessibility and user-friendly interface.


It is an automated buying and selling solution for B2B companies, built on a secure blockchain network. It provides office automation and connects suppliers worldwide. You can create catalogs of products and services. This allows buyers to connect with new suppliers worldwide and manage the purchasing process through the platform.


You can use it to manage business expenses, save money and reduce risk as you work to make medium to large organizations more sustainable and profitable. Coupa also offers multiple services to help customers optimize business expenses.


UiPath is a robotic process automation tool that helps automate processes and provide insight into all aspects of your business. It’s built on top of low-code apps or can create automation by simply recording your on-screen actions. With robotics, it can extract and validate data from documents to handle exceptions, saving time and money and reducing errors.


It is an office automation tool that helps with hybrid workplaces and manages visitors by allowing hybrid employees to reserve DS. You can also book meeting rooms and receive reminders before meetings start.

So these tools can help users manage their time and reduce time-consuming, repetitive tasks by streamlining workflows and freeing up time for meaningful work. They also reduce human errors, improve efficiency and productivity, and benefit both employees and customers by using business automation software to increase supply based on requirements.

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