Best AI Rewriter Tool For Paraphrasing


If you are tired of writing the same repetitive content for social media, you can overcome it and save time with the help of AI rewriter tools. There are many products and services available that offer AI-powered rewriting tools, allowing creators to rewrite content.

Today in this guide, we will share a guide on how to use AI rewritten content to improve search engine rankings. Moreover, it allows you to engage readers and boost your marketing campaign.

What are AI tools for article rewriting?

These tools automatically rewrite existing articles or content, allowing you to create new articles while retaining the original meaning. Not only that, but they also use algorithms and natural language processing to replace words, phrases and sentence structures with similar alternatives or systems. These tools allow you to write content in your style. By simply entering a prompt you can also adjust the tone.

You can also automatically summarize your notes without entering an article. Optimize your content for marketing and search engine optimization. Using Rewriter tools to generate content is legal as long as it does not violate copyright laws. However, citing the sources in rewritten content is essential to avoid plagiarism.

The best AI rewriter tools for paraphrasing

These AI rewriter tools rotate words and change sentences and can also be used to create something new. However, it is essential to proofread the paraphrased content before publishing it.

There are many free content plagiarism tools that offer a high degree of readability. Moreover, article spinners and paraphrasing tools use advanced algorithms and technologies based on your preferences.

Features of AI Rewriter Tools for Paraphrasing

There are many features that are reliable and useful paraphrase. Some of these tools are free, others offer limited trials, and some components are behind a paywall.

  • Editing: You can use these tools to check grammar and proofread your content to ensure the quality of paraphrasing.
  • AI: These tools also have integrated AI features to make generating original content easier.
  • Plagiarism Checker: You can use existing text spinners with built-in uniqueness to prevent accidental plagiarism.
  • Advanced technology: Databases and advanced technology provide synonyms and use deep learning algorithms to ensure accuracy and fresh content.
  • Format Support: These tools help in regular content writing and support various file formats such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt. They can also be used for social media captions and rewriting sentences.
  • Cost: Multiple options will fit your budget and provide the best value for your money.
  • Language Support: These tools also support several languages, including English.

Quillbot AI

This is one of the most popular text rewriting tools, designed to rewrite content from emails and social media posts into paragraphs and articles. You can use this for free, with features such as a summary and different speaking modes. Furthermore, information such as the number of words and the percentage of text that has been changed from the original content can also be accessed. Some drawbacks include the limited features unlocked with the free version, meaning many valuable tools are limited to premium users.

Small SEO tools

This tool has more than 120 tools in different categories. One of the tools is the Article Rewriter, which can help detect plagiarism, check grammar, rewrite content and collaborate.

Double checker

This comes with many new features including an article rewriting component that provides SEO services that optimize, review, write and edit features. Moreover, it is a tool designed for students, companies, freelancers and individuals.


If you want short articles, blog intros, digital ad copy, email subject lines, and product descriptions, this tool can help you rephrase text and generate content. It is designed for copywriters, marketers and business owners who want to make their work easier. Under the hood, Copy.AI uses the GPT-3 AI to produce human-readable results for all functions.


You can use this tool to create high-quality content. Jasper AI Writing Assistant can help you paraphrase blog posts, social media updates, marketing emails, etc. It also supports multiple languages. Under the hood, it is powered by OpenAI’s GPT model.


Another great editing software and plagiarism checker has recently been integrated with AI, powered by OpenAI’s GPT model. It offers several options, including paraphrasing. You can use it with copy editors and content agencies to improve your writing. GrammarlyGo can generate article summaries, title ideas, paragraphs and sentences, which are also fully customizable settings to help with content that matches your brand voice.

Additionally, the Rewriter tool can detect plagiarism, but also provides a way to rewrite text to change the wording and sentence structure. Rewrite devices can see changes in the overall meaning of the content, helping you identify a lack of originality. They can be used to generate a large amount of content quickly, which is effective based on the quality of the AI ​​software and algorithms.

The cost of rewriting tools depends on the features and limitations of the devices. While many offer a free trial, others require a subscription or one-time purchase fee. Their use for academic writing is not recommended as they may produce content that is too similar to existing works and may lead to plagiarism.

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