What is the release date of GPT-5?

The highly awaited language model from OpenAI, GPT-5, is about to be released, and the tech industry is buzzing with excitement. Followers of AI and enthusiasts are keen to learn when they may get this revolutionary technology. However, pinpointing the precise release date has proven to be difficult, leading to conjecture and anticipation.

According to rumours, GPT-5 could debut in 2024, possibly concurrently with Google Gemini’s introduction. But let’s not jump the gun; it is crucial to stress that these are currently only guesses. It is challenging to determine an exact date because many different things can affect and change the timetable.

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Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, recently stated that they are not actively training GPT-5. Influential AI professionals like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, who have urged for a temporary freeze in the creation of the next generation of AI models, may have had an impact on this choice. This break is being taken to make sure that any risks and concerns related to AI may be effectively handled through legislation.

Altman acknowledged that OpenAI is not currently working on training GPT-5 but criticised a letter for lacking technical subtlety during a recent event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Several AI chatbots, notably Microsoft’s Bing and ChatGPT, have already adopted their most recent model, GPT-4. Even though GPT-5 has only been available for two months, there is already a feverish level of enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding it. GPT-5 is still in high demand, which increases people’s interest in its release date.

Although there is no definite information about the release date of GPT-5, we can make assumptions based on when GPT-4 was released. It is plausible to predict that GPT-5 will release near the end of this year, possibly in December 2023, as GPT-4 was launched in March 2023. Siqi Chen, the CEO of Runway, tweeted that GPT-5 is expected to finish its training in December, lending extra weight to this rumour.

However, Altman made it plain that OpenAI does not currently have any intentions to release GPT-5 this year when asked about its progress. However, it is anticipated that OpenAI would give priority to the creation and prompt release of GPT-5 in light of the ongoing AI competition and developments in models like Google Bard.

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As an alternative, OpenAI might decide to make GPT-4.5, which bridges the gap between GPT-4 and GPT-5, available first. According to analysts, GPT-4.5 will be the first release that can handle both textual and visual data, allowing for multimodal analysis. During the March 2023 GPT-4 Developer webcast, this functionality was shown.

Additionally, there are a few problems with the GPT-4 model that OpenAI has to address, such as the lengthy inference times, expensive costs, and restricted API accessibility. Recent beta releases of ChatGPT and web surfing plugins show that new innovations are still taking place. Analysts predict that OpenAI will launch GPT-4.5 before moving further with the release of GPT-5.

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