Is Vizard AI Free? Price and Plans


Vizard AI has been making waves lately as an innovative video editing and AI assistant platform. With features like automatically cutting long videos into shareable segments, transcribing audio, and even creating dynamic subtitles, many creators are flocking to try it out. But an important question arises: is Vizard AI’s basic service free to use or do you have to pay? Let’s take a closer look at the pricing, plans, and what you can access for free.

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Is Vizard AI free

Vizard’s free plan

The good news is that Vizard AI offers a free plan. This allows you to test basic functionality without having to enter payment information. Features in the free plan include:

  • Ability to upload up to 60 minutes of video per month
  • Generate AI clips from video files
  • Export watermarked clips up to 480p resolution
  • Access to a subset of editing tools
  • 2 video projects
  • Basic analyses

So with the free plan you can get a good taste of Vizard’s AI auto-cutting features, as well as some editing capabilities. The ability to export watermarked clips at 480p resolution means you can share and test clips without having to pay for it.

Limitations of the free plan

However, Vizard’s free plan has some strict limitations:

  • Lower video quality: 480p exports have a watermark and more compression
  • Upload restrictions: Only 60 minutes of video can be uploaded per month
  • Limited projects: You only have access to 2 video projects
  • No priority support: Free users must rely on slower email support

Essentially, the free plan works well for testing basic features, but it’s not enough if you want to create a lot of high-quality content.

To remove many of the limitations of the free plan, Vizard offers paid Creator and Pro plans. These offer features such as:

  • Export in Full HD 1080p without watermarks
  • Unlimited video uploads and projects
  • Advanced editing and effect tools
  • Priority email + chat support
  • No Vizard branding on exported clips

The Creator plan starts at $16 per month, while the more complete Pro plan costs $32 per month. Both can be purchased monthly or at discounts if you pay annually.

Who should choose the paid plans?

The paid Vizard plans are best suited for:

  • YouTubers and vloggers: Removing upload limits is perfect for regular content creators
  • Podcasters: Increase production with automatically generated video clips
  • Enterprises: No watermarks or branding is ideal for marketing videos
  • Agencies: Manage many client projects with unlimited workspace

If you want to use Vizard professionally with clients or gain more viewers, the paid plans offer the best video quality, features, and support.

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Easily upgrade and cancel

An advantage of Vizard’s system is that upgrading from free to paid is easy. You simply open your workspace settings and choose a subscription. No new registration is required. You can also easily downgrade or cancel the renewal at any time to return to free.

So you’re not stuck if you decide to try out one of the paid tiers.

Is Vizard worth paying for?

Whether Vizard AI’s paid plans are worth it depends on your video editing and content needs:

For occasional users, the free plan should be enough to test out the main features. But for power users, unlocking unlimited HD video exports, advanced editing tools, and more make the paid plans a great investment.

Weighed against the time savings from automatic AI features plus the extensive creative options, most professionals can justify the monthly cost. And the ability to cancel at any time means the risk is low.

Vizard also offers custom business plans

In addition to the Free, Creator and Pro levels aimed at individuals and small teams, Vizard also offers Enterprise plans. These are designed for larger companies and offer benefits such as:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority support queues
  • Custom branding and permissions
  • API access and SSO integration

Prices for Enterprise plans are not publicly listed because they are customized for each customer. But it demonstrates Vizard’s ability to grow with organizations.

Key points about Vizard pricing

To round up the key points on whether Vizard AI is free and what plans are available:

  • They do offer a free tier, but with limited uploads, projects, and video quality
  • The paid Creator ($16/month) and Pro ($32/month) plans remove the restrictions for individuals
  • Enterprise pricing is also available, but not publicly listed
  • Upgrading from free to paid or canceling is easy
  • For professional use, the paid plans provide the best experience

So while Vizard isn’t completely free, you can try it out with the free plan. And paid subscriptions offer better functionality for serious creators.

Hopefully this overview will give you a better understanding of what to expect at each level! Please contact us with any other questions.

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