How to Use Meta AI Image Generator “Imagine”


Meta (formerly Facebook) recently launched an exciting new AI tool called Imagine. This AI image generator allows anyone to create original images from text descriptions, bringing your imagination to life in an easy way.

What is Imagine with Meta AI?

Imagine is an independent website at where users can get AI-generated images by simply providing text prompts. You don’t need a Facebook account or Instagram to access it. This makes it more open and accessible than many other AI image creation tools out there.

The technology behind Imagine is Meta’s new generative Emu model. Emu is the next evolution of Meta’s MAE model and can create high-resolution photorealistic images that are often indistinguishable from real photos.

Importantly, Emu was trained on more than 1.1 billion publicly available images from Facebook and Instagram. This allows it to generate very realistic images for a wide range of concepts. However, because many of these images were likely uploaded without consent for that type of AI training, it does raise some ethical concerns.

Overall, Imagine gives everyone an easy way to harness the creative potential of AI for their imaging needs. And as with all new technology, there are positive applications, but also areas that need further guidance as the space evolves.

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How to use Meta AI Image Generator

Getting started with Meta’s Imagine is easy. Here are the steps to start using this new AI image generator:

  1. Go to or open a chat in Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp and type “/imagine”. This brings the Imagine interface directly into the chat apps for convenience.
  2. Log in with your Facebook, Meta or Instagram login. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to sign up for one to use Imagine.
  3. Please note: the tool is currently only available in the US. You’ll need a VPN if you’re trying to access Imagine from outside the United States.

Once you’re logged in, you’re ready to generate AI images!

Create the perfect text prompt

The key to great results with Imagine is writing effective text prompts. This is where you describe exactly what you want your AI image to show.

Here are some tips for creating good prompts:

  • Be as detailed as possible. Help the AI ​​understand any desired element in the image.
  • Avoid ambiguity to get more accurate images.
  • List backgrounds, subjects, poses, number of people, facial expressions, colors, lighting, camera angles, and more.
  • Use descriptive adjectives such as ‘serene’, ‘excited’, ‘small’, ‘complicated’, etc.
  • Provide a realistic scene or concept. Strange prompts probably won’t work properly.

Let your imagination run wild while giving the AI ​​enough constraints to generate what you really have in mind.

Generate and download your images

Once you’ve created your assignment, it’s time to actually generate images with Imagine!

Follow these steps:

  1. Type or paste your text prompt into the prompt box.
  2. Click the “Generate” button. Imagine it takes about 10 seconds.
  3. 4 original images will appear based on your text prompt. View and select your favorite.
  4. Click the download icon below your chosen image to save it to your device.
  5. You can also share it directly to Facebook or Instagram from Imagine.

An important detail is that images have a vague ‘Imagined by AI’ watermark. So anyone who sees your image knows it was generated by AI.

Don’t worry if your first images aren’t quite right. Adjust your prompt and try to generate new iterations until you get the desired result.

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Responsible use of Imagine

As with any new technology, there are responsible and irresponsible ways to use Imagine. Keep this in mind:

  • DO NOT create illegal, dangerous, harassing, false or non-consensual content.
  • Avoid prejudice and discrimination – imagine positive images that represent all people.
  • Do not spread disinformation or politically extreme content.
  • Please respect privacy and obtain consent if you include identifiable individuals.

Use Imagine as a force for creativity, inspiration and fun. But be careful not to promote harm.

The future of AI image generation

Imagine is just an early example of Meta’s future plans for AI content creation. Other major platforms like Google, Snapchat, TikTok and more are all developing similar technologies.

In the coming years, we will likely see AI become deeply integrated into our apps, sites, and lives. This brings new opportunities, but also challenges that need to be addressed.

As this technology advances, we need to continue discussions in areas such as:

  • Privacy considerations
  • Avoiding harmful prejudices
  • Set content rules and policies
  • Maintain transparency from platforms
  • User control over generated images

By considering these issues early and carefully guiding the development of the AI ​​generation, we can work to maximize benefits and minimize potential drawbacks.

The coming years promise tremendous innovation in AI tools like Imagine. When used responsibly, they offer new possibilities for creativity and productivity. We need to develop frameworks to encourage responsibility alongside this enormous opportunity.


In summary, Meta’s new Imagine platform points to the creative potential of AI image generation now and in the future. With imaginative yet precise directions, anyone can now generate original, photorealistic images for their needs.

As these technologies become more advanced, platforms like Imagine also raise valid considerations. Maintaining privacy, preventing abuse, and establishing ethical policies will be important to ensure that AI image generation evolves responsibly.

But used correctly, Imagine offers an exciting new realm of possibilities for bringing your own visual imagination to life. We’re just seeing the beginning of such creative AI tools from Meta and other technology leaders. It will be fascinating to see how they evolve in the coming years!

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