How To Use Predis AI? Unleash Your Social Media Potential


Feeling uninspired and staring at a blank social media feed wondering what to post next? We’ve all experienced it. It’s difficult to consistently create new, engaging content. What if you had an AI-powered sidekick to generate ideas, create posts, and schedule content for you? Well, you’re in luck: we’re introducing Predis AI!

This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to use Predis AI to take your social media marketing to the next level. From idea to creation to planning, this talented AI is here to help. Time to win on social media!

Introduction to Predis AI

Predis AI is an all-in-one social media marketing suite that uses AI to automate content creation, management, and scheduling. With over 140,000 users, it has become a go-to tool for marketers, influencers and bloggers looking to streamline their workflow.

At its core, Predis AI generates custom post ideas, designs eye-catching graphics, writes compelling copy, and recommends relevant hashtags that resonate with your audience – all tailored to your brand’s unique tone and style.

This manual explains step by step how to:

  • Integrate social media accounts
  • Create AI-generated content
  • Customize and edit messages
  • Plan content efficiently
  • Analyze competitors

Let’s dive in and unlock the magic of AI-powered social media marketing!

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How to use Predis AI?

Ready to jump in and see Predis AI in action? It’s this easy to get started:

Step 1: Create your account

First, go to and sign up for a free account. The process only takes a minute or two.

Step 2: Connect social accounts

Then, under ‘Manage workspace’, connect the social media accounts you want Predis AI to manage by clicking ‘Integrations’ and adding your profiles.

Step 3: Set up your company profile

Provide Predis AI with a one-sentence summary of your brand so that the content aligns with your business.

Step 4: Generate content

Go to the “Content Library” and click “Create Post”. Select a content objective, themes and let the AI ​​work its magic!

How to create rolls and shorts with Predis AI?

  1. Choose a topic or product to highlight. Determine what the main focus of your Reel/Short should be. This will help guide the creation process.
  2. Write a script or outline. Write down some key messages or talking points that you want to convey in your video. Keep it short and interesting.
  3. Take the video footage. Use your phone’s camera or a camera app to capture high-quality video clips showing your subject/product in action. Keep clips short, about 3-5 seconds each.
  4. Import clips into editing software. Apps like Inshot, Kapwing or Adobe Premiere Rush work well.
  5. Cut and arrange clips. Reduce the footage to emphasize the most important moments. Arrange clips in a logical order to tell your story.
  6. Add text, effects and filters. Use editing tools to add text captions, images, animations, color filters, etc. to enhance your video.
  7. Add music/sound. Select an upbeat, engaging music track or sound effects to complement the visuals.
  8. Review and finalize. Watch the full video and make any final adjustments to get it just right.
  9. Export and post. Render the final video and post it to social media as a Reel on Instagram or Short on YouTube.
  10. Monitor engagement. Check back later to see how viewers interact with your video. Refine your strategy for next time.

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How to optimize and plan social media posts?

Predis AI doesn’t stop at ideating and designing – it also helps optimize content and develop an automated planning workflow.

Refine AI-generated copies

Although AI creates the first post copy, always proofread and refine it for accuracy. Customize descriptions to perfection.

Optimize with hashtags

Use Predis AI’s automated hashtag suggestion tool to discover relevant hashtags that will make your content more discoverable.

Use the content calendar

Use Predis AI’s calendar to preview scheduled posts and ensure a consistent cadence of content across networks.

Integrate with planning tools

Export and integrate your Predis AI calendar into tools like Buffer or Hootsuite for seamless scheduling across more networks.

Automate posting

Configure your content calendar so that Predis AI automatically posts scheduled content at the ideal dates and times – without any hassle!

With the right systems in place, you can ensure that content remains branded, optimized, and consistently distributed at scale.


Social media marketing doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle. With Predis AI as your automated sidekick, you can easily imagine, design and plan high-quality content.

This guide provided an overview of the core features and step-by-step instructions to start optimizing your social presence. Stop staring at empty feeds and regain your creative spirit!

By integrating Predis AI into your process, you can consistently engage audiences, establish your brand voice, and achieve social media marketing success. It’s time to let the power of AI unleash your social media potential.

The future of social marketing is here. Are you ready to become a market leader? With Predis AI you have all the tools at your fingertips. Your online influence is waiting for you – grab it now!

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