How To Use Delv AI? Unlocking Research Potential


Buried under mountains of data and PDFs for your latest research project? Do you struggle to find the key insights hidden in literature reviews? Meet your new research buddy: Delv AI. This innovative startup is on a mission to revolutionize data extraction and simplify access to niche information.

This comprehensive guide explores how you can leverage the power of Delv AI to improve your research workflow. From registration to requesting documents: you can collect information in no time! Let’s dive in.


Created by 16-year-old prodigy entrepreneur Pranjali Awasthi, Delv AI is an AI-powered SaaS platform built to eliminate data silos. It gives researchers a tool to efficiently search massive document collections and extract only the most relevant data points.

Delv AI combines natural language processing and machine learning to read and understand documents, search for specific key terms and phrases, identify contextual relationships, and gain the qualitative insights you need.

With Delv AI, you can say goodbye to hours of manually reviewing literature or aimlessly searching PDFs. This guide will show you how to get started, how to use core features, and how to tailor Delv AI to your research goals.

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How to use Delv AI?

Ready to kick-start your research with improved data extraction? Here’s how easy it is to get started with Delv AI:

Step 1: Create your account

First, go to and click “Sign In” to create a free account. You can quickly sign up with Google or email. Choose a username to represent yourself within Delv AI.

Step 2: Upload documents

Once you’re signed in, you can upload PDFs and TXT files to your Delv AI account. Drag and drop files or integrate your cloud storage for easy access to literature.

Step 3: Ask your questions

After the documents are uploaded, you can search your collection in natural language. Ask questions, search for keywords or request content summaries.

Step 4: Export your findings

The key insights extracted by Delv AI can be easily exported as a CSV file. Easily access the discovered data outside the platform.

With just these four simple steps, you can start extracting information from your documents with Delv AI. Time to put it into action in your research workflows!

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Key features and capabilities

Delv AI is packed with features to improve research and simplify data extraction. Here are some of the core capabilities:

Document compatibility

Work seamlessly with textual PDFs and TXT file formats. Delv AI’s NLP models can efficiently process these document types.

Scanned document OCR

While Delv AI is currently focused on text documents, scanned/image PDF OCR is on the product roadmap to expand document support.

Qualitative data extraction

Specialized models extract the qualitative insights such as relationships, context and key themes within your documents.

Quantitative data analysis

Quantitative data extraction for statistics, numbers and stats is planned for future Delv AI releases.

Multiple document queries

Search your entire document collection or specific subsets in a single search to accelerate discovery.

Cloud storage integration

Connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account for easy on-platform access to your literature library.

Cross-disciplinary applicability

The Delv AI engine continuously learns to accommodate researchers in a variety of fields and topics.

Secure data privacy

Your documents and data remain private. Delv AI has strict data protection standards.

CSV exports

Easily export results datasets to a CSV format for use outside the platform.

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Query documents and extract insights

The real magic of Delv AI comes when querying your uploaded document collection. Here are tips to master the art of asking questions and gaining important insights:

Ask open questions

Use broad, open-ended question formats. This allows Delv AI to extract information more comprehensively without limiting the search.

Add relevant keywords

Although open-ended, you can also include two to three keywords or phrases in the questions that are critical to your research focus.

Request relationship assignment

Ask questions that help Delv AI identify relationships between concepts, themes, stakeholders, etc. in your documents.

Summarize sections or documents

If you need higher-level summaries before diving into details, ask for summaries of specific sections or entire documents.

Repeat searches

Treat your initial questions as a starting point and iterate to ask new related questions based on the extracted data.

Confirm accuracy

Check a sample of Delv AI’s extracted data against source documents to ensure consistently high accuracy.

With thoughtful questions and some trial and error, Delv AI will become a powerhouse for automating document analysis and surfacing key insights with ease.

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Align Delv AI with your goals

Part of the beauty of Delv AI is customizing the experience for your use cases:

Set the desired research topics

Provide Delv AI preferred topics, authors, keywords, etc. to better understand your research interests for smarter extraction.

Create multiple collections

Organize documents into different collections (e.g. literature reviews, survey data, interview transcripts) for individual search.

Use cases that go beyond academic research

Delv AI has applications in legal research, policy analysis, IP research, biomedical research and more. Be creative!

Integrate with downstream tools

Extracted data sets can be analyzed in tools such as Excel, SPSS, Tableau and research software to uncover hidden insights.

Working together as a team

Multiple researchers can use and contribute to shared Delv AI collections for collaborative projects.

Delv AI Pricing Plans

Delv AI offers flexible plans that suit all researchers:

Free subscription

  • Explore the platform with core features
  • Limited number of searches per month
  • Great for individuals

Standard plan

  • $10/month
  • Unlimited searches
  • More collection storage
  • Ideal for active researchers

Enterprise plan

  • Adjusted prices
  • Advanced options
  • Integrations and support
  • For institutions and teams

For most, the free or standard plans offer a lot of value. Larger research teams can take advantage of enterprise capabilities.


With AI-assisted data extraction, you can say goodbye to sifting through literature reviews and manually hunting down detailed insights. Delv AI does the heavy lifting, helping you discover intelligence and accelerate discovery.

This guide provided the blueprint for getting started with Delv AI – from signing up, to requesting documents, to customizing the experience for your research goals.

Leveraging Delv AI’s natural language search and machine learning document analysis will supercharge your research workflow. Spend less time processing and more time generating ideas. The future of AI-driven research is here. It’s time to tap into the hidden potential of your documents with Delv AI.

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