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WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, with more than 2 billion users. Given its widespread use, many businesses are now turning to WhatsApp to connect with customers and provide services. One such company is HeyCami AI.

HeyCami AI is an artificial intelligence assistant that allows you to chat on WhatsApp. It offers a wide range of capabilities so you can get recommendations, schedule meetings, play games and much more, all through a simple WhatsApp chat.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know to get started with HeyCami AI via WhatsApp.

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How to use HeyCami AI on WhatsApp

Connect to HeyCami on WhatsApp

Connecting to HeyCami on WhatsApp takes just a few quick steps:

  • Visit the HeyCami website

Open first HeyCami’s website in your mobile browser. This will give you access to the WhatsApp chat integration.

  • Click on the WhatsApp button

Click on the big WhatsApp button on their website. This will open a chat window with HeyCami’s AI assistant.

In the WhatsApp chat window, click the option to add HeyCami’s number to your phone’s contacts. Save the song with a name such as “HeyCami AI”.

Once you save HeyCami as a contact, you can chat with the AI ​​assistant at any time by opening a WhatsApp chat with it, just like you would with a friend.

Capabilities of HeyCami AI

Now that you’re connected, what can you actually do with HeyCami? Here are some of the key capabilities of the AI ​​assistant on WhatsApp:

Generate text content

Tell HeyCami what topic you want content on, and it can generate entire articles, stories, reviews, or other text formats for you. This can save writers and marketers a lot of time.

For example, try saying: “Write a 150-word article on using AI assistants‘ and HeyCami will generate one for you!

Create images

With the sentence “Take a picture of…You can have HeyCami generate unique images based on the description or parameters you give it. Handy for social media posts!

Compose music

Participation “Compose a 30-second melody that sounds cheerful” and HeyCami puts together an original tune for you! You can adjust the genre, mood, instruments, length and more.

Get personalized recommendations

Whether it’s the best restaurant in town or what TV show you might like, you can ask HeyCami for tailor-made recommendations that suit your taste by providing some examples of your preferences.

Scheduling meetings and appointments

Scheduling meetings, phone calls and other calendar appointments with HeyCami can save you time. It integrates smoothly with your default calendar app.

Manage finances

You can add your financial accounts and have HeyCami give you expense overviews and budget updates or remind you of upcoming payments and bills.

Order food and groceries

Through integrations with services like Swiggy or BigBasket, HeyCami can place food or grocery orders for you, ensuring you get what you need with minimal effort.

Book travel and entertainment

Tell HeyCami your ideal holiday or night out, and it can suggest options and book flights, hotels, taxis or event tickets after confirming details with you.

This is just a small selection of what you can do with HeyCami AI via WhatsApp. The assistant also continuously expands its capabilities over time.

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Adjust HeyCami’s responses

As you interact with HeyCami, it continues to learn your preferences to give you better recommendations and answers tailored specifically to you.

However, you can also manually adjust HeyCami’s tone, speed, verbosity, and more via simple commands:

  • Be more concise” or “Keep responses short” to adjust the verbosity
  • Talk slower” or “Pick up the pace” for speed
  • Be more casual” or “Be more professional” to adjust the tone

Spend some time tweaking HeyCami until you find the settings you like most for smooth conversation flow.

Additional tips for using HeyCami

Here are some additional tips to get the most out of your experience with HeyCami on WhatsApp:

  • Enable notifications so you never miss a message from the AI ​​assistant.
  • Take full advantage of hands-free voice notes for easier interactions.
  • Please let HeyCami know when comments are inaccurate or unhelpful so the company can continue to improve.
  • Connect HeyCami to additional services you use such as Spotify, Uber, Alexa and more in the settings section.
  • Discover more features and capabilities by exploring HeyCami’s handy FAQ section.
  • Check the HeyCami website regularly for updates on new features as they are launched.


WhatsApp is no longer just for chatting with friends. With AI assistants like HeyCami now accessible directly within WhatsApp, you always have an extremely powerful personal assistant at your fingertips.

Connecting HeyCami to your WhatsApp takes just a few quick steps. Once set up, you can use the extensive range of features, from generating text and images to managing your calendar and finances or ordering food and travel.

Spend some time adjusting HeyCami’s speed, tone, and verbosity to your preferences. Enable notifications, provide feedback to the assistant as needed, and discover new features as they launch.

With HeyCami AI now on WhatsApp, staying productive, organized and entertained is easier than ever thanks to the power of AI. So go ahead, message HeyCami and see what it can do for you!

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