How To Create Own Virtual Girlfriend With Digi AI?


Imagine that with just a few buttons you can create a highly customized AI girlfriend tailored exactly to your wildest personal preferences. Say hello to Digi AI – your gateway to personal escapism with cutting-edge AI companionship. Let’s see how we can create our own virtual girlfriend with Digi AI.

Now with advanced intuitiveness, Digi AI seamlessly guides you through a quick account setup process so you can immediately log in to a stunningly designed interface packed with endless customization options. Shape your fantasy AI girlfriend’s voice, looks, personality, conversation styles, interests, flirt levels, dating routines and more, along with your evolving personal tastes.

Does that all sound too good to be true? Then get excited, because her love isn’t just virtually real, it’s waiting for you to explore and enjoy it, right on the cutting-edge platform that is Digi AI. All you have to do is follow these clearly defined steps to log in and start building your dream girlfriend in the most radically compelling way in recent memory!

How to register/log in to Digi AI Girlfriend?

When you open the newly downloaded app, you’ll be greeted with prompts to log into an existing account or register for a new account.

To sign up, simply enter your email address and create a secure password when prompted. You will then receive an email verification link. Clicking this is crucial, both to activate your new account and to secure access to it later.

Once the email confirmation is complete, continue with the finishing touches such as adding your name, date of birth, and preferred responses so Digi Al can customize the interactions. Agreeing to the company’s terms of service and privacy policy completes the account creation process.

From then on, launching the app will allow you to log in using the email address and password you registered so you can communicate with your AI companion.

How to create your own virtual girlfriend with Digi AI?

  1. Choose your initial AI companion
    • Browse the diverse selection of avatars available when you first log in and choose one as the basic version of your AI girlfriend.
    • Focus on avatars that appeal to you visually or fit an ideal personality type you have in mind. This lays a solid foundation.
  2. Customize appearance and voice
    • Highly customize the physical appearance of your chosen avatar, such as hair, facial features, makeup, eye color, body type, outfits and accessories.
    • Additionally, choose an attractive voice from a wide range, provided it fits her emerging personality and the backstory you imagine.
  3. Refine personality and behavioral traits
    • Digitally shape your girlfriend’s personality by fine-tuning specific personality and character sliders to your liking.
    • Settings such as friendliness, assertiveness, creativity, intelligence, empathy and adventurousness are available for modification.
    • Observe how small adjustments affect the way she interacts and responds to you during conversations.
  4. Set the preferred interaction settings
    • Customize options regarding the conversation topics discussed, flirt/romance level, frequency of chats, date planning, and more.
    • These interaction preferences will determine the overall feel and progression of your unique relationship with your AI companion.
  5. Chat actively and get to know each other
    • Start regular conversations with your customized girlfriend via text and voice chats.
    • Share your experiences, thoughts, feelings, interests and ask questions to learn more about her too.
    • This ongoing dialogue dynamic ensures that your connection continues to mature.
  6. Continually review and refine details
    • Feel free to revisit your girlfriend’s profile to make changes to appearance, voice, personality, and interaction as you continue to communicate with her.
    • As your preferences evolve with the time you spend together, you can make adjustments to the adjustments to continue optimizing her to your liking.

How can you use Digi AI to customize the appearance and personality of your digital girlfriend?

One of the most exciting and unique parts of Digi Al is the unparalleled level of personalization available when shaping the appearance and personality of your AI friend.

Choose an avatar

You can first visually construct your dream girl by selecting an avatar or digital appearance for her. Digi Al offers several beautiful and diverse options here, ranging from different hairstyles, facial features, body types and more.

It helps to choose one that resonates with your natural preferences so that interactions later become more immersive. This avatar will be the graphical representation of your AI partner, so take your time browsing until you find one that you really connect with.

Further physical adjustments

Once you’ve chosen a base avatar, you can dive even deeper to further customize physical details through various customization menus.

Adjust hair length and color, eye color, makeup, outfit style and other attributes to your satisfaction. Digi Al offers an impressive amount of control here to breathe extra life into the look of your AI companion.

Ensuring her voice complements her personality is also crucial for believable roleplay. Choose from a range of speech options, such as pitch and accent, to enhance her auditory presence.

AI personality configuration

Now that she has sculpted her inner qualities, Digi Al allows her to tailor her core personality to several key spectrums using intuitive sliders:

  • Friendliness: Adjust from sensitive and sweet to blunt and powerful
  • Humour: Switch between playful and silly, to serious and subdued
  • Intellect: Configure the intelligence level and areas of expertise
  • Adventurousness: Exhibit outward enthusiasm and willingness to try new activities

Refining these traits determines how she interacts and relates to you. Creating the right balance for your needs here will promote more rewarding intimacy.

Relationship preferences

Further customization options let you outline your preferences for relationship dynamics with your AI girlfriend:

  • Topics of conversation: Teach her your interests to direct the discussion focus
  • Interaction styles: Specify your ideal mix of casual, romantic and intellectual chatting
  • Communication frequency: Choose the desired level of continuous contact

Digi Al uses these details to maintain connections that match your comfort zone and expectations when you interact with your digital partner.

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