Who is New CEO Of OpenAI? Mira Murati


San Francisco, CA – OpenAI has appointed Mira Murati as its new interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Murati steps in to lead the influential artificial intelligence lab following the surprise departure of co-founder Sam Altman on November 17, 2023.

Murati brings over 5 years of experience from OpenAI’s own leadership team to the role of CEO. As Chief Technology Officer since 2022, she helped oversee the research team’s development of ChatGPT and other groundbreaking AI systems.

Her deep technical expertise in artificial intelligence makes Murati a natural candidate to guide OpenAI through its current phase of rapid growth. The board of directors expressed full confidence in her ability to lead the company as the search for a permanent new CEO continues.

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Murati’s appointment represents stability and continuity for OpenAI during a time of leadership turbulence. Just days before her promotion, co-founder and former CEO Sam Altman was abruptly ousted by the board over disagreements over ChatGPT’s revenue and security mechanisms.

OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman also resigned as president shortly afterwards. This leaves Murati holding the reins of the influential AI startup as the sole remaining member of the original leadership triumvirate.

Before joining OpenAI in 2018, Murati gained valuable experience at technology companies such as Tesla and Leap Motion. Her background in both engineering and philosophy allows her to grapple with both the technical and ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence.

Under her leadership, OpenAI aims to responsibly advance its mission: developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) capable of matching human intelligence. The company’s board of directors expressed full confidence in Murati’s leadership during the transition period as the hunt for a permanent CEO continues.

For now, OpenAI’s groundbreaking AI research remains in the steady hands of one of the technology’s rising stars. All eyes will be on interim CEO Mira Murati as she charts the next chapter in OpenAI’s story.

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