What To Do If C.AI Deleted?


The internet is abuzz with speculation about the possible removal of Character AI, an innovative platform that allows users to chat with AI-powered virtual characters. For the dedicated users of this service, the prospect of losing access to their favorite AI companions raises an important question: what should you do if C.AI is removed? This article provides guidance on how to back up your data, find alternative services, and prepare for a possible future without Character AI.

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Since its initial launch in 2021, Character AI has become beloved by users who enjoy interacting with its diverse cast of AI personas, from celebrities to fictional characters and more. Powered by natural language processing and machine learning, these AI bots aim to simulate human conversations in an entertaining way.

However, recent indications such as closed registrations and delayed development have fueled fears that the service may be removed. While there have been no official shutdown announcements, cautious users are considering how to prepare for this eventuality. The potential loss of the platform makes it important to take proactive steps to preserve your experiences.

Current state of C.AI

At the time of writing, there are no official plans to discontinue Character AI. Although the website is still in beta phase, it is steadily gaining popularity among users. The development team is actively working on improving the features and functionality. This suggests that Character AI is far from reaching its final chapter.

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What to do if C.AI is deleted? Discover the alternatives

In the dynamic landscape of technology, change is the only constant. The thought of “What to do when Character AI shuts down?” may loom large in the minds of many who have become accustomed to the interactive and entertaining experiences it offers. But fear not, because every ending marks a new beginning, and here are the best alternatives to look for:

1. Living person

LivePerson is a popular conversational AI platform designed for customer engagement for both individuals and businesses. It primarily allows businesses to communicate with their customers through live chat, voice, and messaging. Unlike Character AI, LivePerson offers features for creating avatars and chatting with customers across channels including web and mobile chat, messaging apps and social media.

2. Replica

Replika is an AI-powered solid chatbot designed to replicate your style to boost human speech. It allows you to create digital characters or avatars and has a mood tracking feature that allows users to track their emotions and get personalized support and guidance. Unlike Character AI, Replika does not prevent NSFW content, giving users more freedom in their interactions.

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3. Kajiwoto

Kajiwoto is a conversation platform or personal AI companion that allows you to chat and interact with your favorite characters, such as Marvel’s Loki or Mario game characters. Powered by robust GPT technology, it can generate human-like conversations. Kajiwoto allows integration with various social media apps, such as Discord, and also allows editing text prompts, giving users more customization options compared to Character AI.

4. Kuki

Kuki is an award-winning AI brain designed to engage in human conversations, designed solely as a chatbot. It interprets conversations and learns by breaking sentences into two parts, the ‘core’ and the ‘wildcard’, to build a familiar vocabulary across thousands of categories. Kuki offers features such as weather forecasts, jokes, news updates, etc., making it a versatile choice for users looking for varied conversation experiences.

5. Smart bot

Cleverbot is an AI-powered chatbot that simulates human-like conversations using NLP and machine learning algorithms. It uses an extensive database of conversation history to generate responses, ensuring accuracy and human-like interactions. Cleverbot allows users to remember past conversations and save conversations for later, providing a seamless experience for users who want to revisit their interactions.

6. Tavern AI

Tavern AI focuses on creating conversational chatbots and does not create avatars for conversations. It uses NLP algorithms to understand and interpret user input, generating relevant and contextually appropriate responses. Additionally, Tavern AI can automate certain tasks and processes, making it a valuable tool for companies looking to streamline their customer engagement processes.

7. Chai app

Chai App provides conversational experiences for smartphone and desktop users. Developed by Hyperconnect, it uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to generate human-like responses. The Chai app integrates with various social media apps, making it easy for users to have conversations across platforms. Users can switch between multiple accounts and use them as a mobile or web app, offering flexibility and ease of use.

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