What Is Typeset.IO? How Do I Use It?


If you have been focusing on a lot of research, writing and submitting research papers, then you should consider using Typeset.io. It is a tool that makes this task easy with its simple interface and comes with more than 40,000 templates to choose from. If you want to practice, you can check out the IEEE, Wiley, and Springer templates for research or import them into your existing Word files.

Typeset also offers SciSpace, which is powered by AI. It helps in understanding research papers and helps in explaining and elaborating academic texts in simple words. It was built by founders Saikiran Chandha and Shanu Kumar when they met at Stanford University’s Ignite program and decided to build typeset.io after being frustrated with the formatting and collaboration in their own research department.

What is Typeset.io?

This is a platform where researchers can write, collaborate and publish academic documents in a simplified version. It provides tools and supports multiple formats. Despite some challenges and achievements, the founders overcame initial hiring mistakes and Tech debuted with a team of ten people. They have already won an AngelHack Global Demo Day and secured funding. Typeset.io helps you with research and uses auto-formatting technology and ready-to-submit templates to meet magazine guidelines.

It is equipped with AI capabilities that improve the process of writing papers. Typeset.io uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to improve writing progress, check grammar, and assist with literature research. In addition, Typeset.io uses machine learning (ML) techniques to enable data analysis, provide personalized research recommendations and assist with appropriate citation. The document notes that SciSpace, provided by Typeset, provides online tools for writing and publishing research.

Typeset also lets you highlight text, math, and tables in research papers by explaining and expanding on academic text. It even has the option to ask follow-up questions to delve deeper into the topic. It is a comprehensive platform that aims to make the task of academic writing more manageable, accurate and less overwhelming.

How do I use Typeset.io?

It’s quite simple with a simple interface, and here’s how you can use Typeset.io with the following instructions:

  1. Go to typeset.io and choose whether you want to set up My Library or SciSpace Paper.
  2. Enter what you want to search for and processing will begin from a library of 40K templates.
  3. Then choose the templates, after which processing begins. You can write, collaborate and convert your thesis or research paper into various journal or conference formats.
  4. Then you can export once you are satisfied.

You can also watch the YouTube video for a visual guide on how to use and get started with SciSpace. There is also a scientific paraphrasing tool that can change the tone and improve your work.

Benefits of Typeset.io and its benefits

AI-powered SciSpace tool that helps in better understanding of research papers and can explain and elaborate on most academic texts

  • You can select parts of the article to find confusing or interesting sections and get summaries and explanations to quickly understand ideas and concepts.
  • There is also a chatbot that can help you with the AI. It can follow up and answer questions for clarification. It can also further explore the topic of the article and provide answers in natural language, along with relevant sources and quotes.
  • It even has FAQ presets that can help you get a comprehensive overview of the article and its context.
  • You can save any part of the paper to recognize your research and keep track of important information. You can also export your notes as PDF or Word documents.

Typeset aims to solve accessibility and visibility issues in research and accelerate scientific progress. Now it helps researchers make their research articles more accessible and visible by increasing citations, search results and open access. Typeset also allows early-career researchers to publish, distribute and promote their work more quickly.

SciSpace from Typeset.io

Typeset.io’s writing platform allows you to effectively communicate and submit your research to any journal. It is used as a universal manuscript editor that automatically formats the content according to the guidelines of each journal. It offers collaboration, peer review and a reference library.

Users can also download the SciSpace extension from the Chrome Web Store, available for Chrome-based browsers. The extension provides real-time replies to articles. There are already 11,000 users worldwide completing more than 120 research papers per week. Typeset also offers more than 28,000 magazine templates and sells B2B licenses to universities.

Typeset aims to provide a single platform for researchers to collect, write, build and submit research to any journal. There are similar startups with other writing platforms such as Authorea, ShareLaTeX, Overleaf, LyX, Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Additionally, Typeset plans to expand into the US market and add features such as a plagiarism checker and workspace management.

Alternatively, there are a few researcher tools you can use, including Bit.ai, link, GanttPRO, Grammarly, Scrivener, ProofHub, Google Scholar, Endnote, Wisio, Texti, JustDONE, Writefull, Isaac Editor, PaperPal, Evernote, Mendeley , ContentMine and ResearchGate. These tools have already started integrating AI to help and guide researchers in writing their theses, from data analysis to literature research.

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