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In the rapidly changing field of technology, Silicon Valley has taken another leap into the future with Humane’s latest creation: the AI ​​Pin. The brainchild of a Silicon Valley startup, this groundbreaking wearable device seeks to democratize cutting-edge artificial intelligence and bring it to the forefront of our daily lives. Nestled on your lapel, the pocket-sized digital assistant promises to redefine our interaction with AI and deliver an innovative and screen-free experience.

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Understanding the human AI pin

1. The birth of innovation

Humane, the visionary Silicon Valley startup, has developed the AI ​​Pin into a wearable wonder. This small device, without a traditional screen, is revolutionizing personal consumer technology. It is created to be an extension of the user, allowing them to seamlessly convey the power of AI.

2. Virtual assistant powered by giants

At the core of the AI ​​Pin is a virtual assistant powered by technologies from OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, and leveraging Microsoft’s cloud computing skills. This collaboration between tech titans provides a state-of-the-art AI experience and delivers unprecedented functionality and reliability.

3. Conversational interaction

The AI ​​Pin breaks with conventional interfaces by providing users with a conversational platform. Gone are the days of typing or swiping on screens; instead, users can simply tap the device to interact with their virtual assistant. This conversational ability brings a whole new dimension to the way we communicate with AI.

4. Screenless form factor

One of the most distinguishing features of the AI ​​Pin is its screen-less design. Unlike traditional gadgets, this wearable fits seamlessly into your clothes, keeping the technology in the background while its capabilities take center stage. The absence of a screen is a conscious choice to improve the user experience and create a more natural interaction with AI.

5. Multimodal interaction

The AI ​​Pin features a variety of interaction modes, making it a versatile companion for users. Whether you speak to it naturally, use the intuitive touchpad, gesture or use the Laser Ink Display projected onto your palm, the device adapts effortlessly to your preferred mode. This multimodal approach makes the AI ​​Pin an adaptive and user-friendly technology.

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6. Groundbreaking laser ink display

A highlight of the AI ​​Pin is the innovative Laser Ink Display, projected onto your palm. This feature opens up new possibilities for user interaction, enabling a unique blend of the digital and physical worlds. From displaying information to enhancing gestures, the Laser Ink Display pushes the boundaries of what a wearable AI device can achieve.

7. Functionality beyond imagination

The AI ​​Pin is not just a conversation partner; it’s a powerhouse of functionality. Users can capture moments with the built-in camera, send text messages effortlessly, and tap into the world of computer vision to scan objects. For example, the device can analyze foods, giving users an estimate of their nutritional value. This versatile functionality ensures that the AI ​​Pin integrates seamlessly into various aspects of daily life.

Availability and prices

The highly anticipated AI Pin will be available to order in the United States starting November 16, with prices starting at $699 for the full system. These competitive prices make advanced AI accessible to a broader audience, marking an important step toward the democratization of technology.


As we stand on the cusp of a new era in wearable technology, the AI ​​Pin is emerging as a pioneer. The creation of Humane not only puts AI at your fingertips, but redefines the entire experience. The screenless design, conversational interface and innovative features such as the Laser Ink Display position the AI ​​Pin as a formidable competitor in the wearable technology landscape.

With its ability to integrate seamlessly into our lives, the AI ​​Pin invites us to a future where AI is not just a tool, but also a companion. While we eagerly await its arrival on the market, one thing is certain: the AI ​​Pin is not just a device; it is a glimpse into the limitless possibilities that artificial intelligence offers for our daily lives.

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