What Is Akool AI? How To Use It


Akool AI is a relatively new player in the AI ​​space that specializes in creating visually appealing graphics, images, videos, and other visual content. As a tech writer exploring this platform, I was impressed by Akool’s versatility, ease of use, and smart integration of multiple AI models into one seamless tool.

In this in-depth review, I’ll provide an overview of Akool AI’s capabilities, its ideal user base, its comparison to competitors, its pros and cons, and my final verdict after trying it out.


Launched in 2021, Akool AI aims to be an all-in-one destination for creating AI-generated visual content. It uses natural language processing, computer vision, generative adversarial networks and other AI techniques.

The platform offers an image generator, a face-swap tool, talking avatars, text-to-video conversions, and more. These tools allow you to quickly and easily create product images, marketing materials, social media posts, and other compelling visual content.

Akool uses AWS cloud infrastructure to meet the heavy compute requirements of its AI models. It also continuously trains its algorithms on new data to improve quality over time.

Key features and benefits

Here are some of the standout features I tested and the benefits they offer:

AI image generator

This is Akool’s selection tool that creates original images from text prompts. It generates up to four image variations per prompt in high resolution. Users can also upload images for editing.

The image generator provides professional graphic content and saves a lot of effort compared to hiring a designer.

Text and image to video

Just enter text, upload some images/video clips and Akool’s AI will automatically generate an animated explainer video. This video may also contain automatically generated voiceovers.

It’s a game changer for easily creating marketing or instructional videos to engage audiences.

Talking 3D avatars

With Akool you can create a customizable 3D avatar that can talk, smile, move its face and bring your brand to life. These realistic avatars grab the attention of viewers.

Swap face

The viral face swap feature allows users to swap faces between two images or with preloaded templates. It creates fun, engaging social content in seconds.

How to use Akool AI

Follow these steps to use Akool AI:

  1. Create an account: Go to the Akool website (https://akool.com)
  2. And sign up for an account with your email address or Google account.
  3. Access the tool you want: Once you log in, you can access the specific tool you want to use, such as the face swap tool (https://faceswap.akool.com).
  4. Upload your content: For the face swap tool, click the ‘Choose Files’ button and select your photo.
  5. Akool AI uploads and detects faces in your photo, and the swap window opens automatically.
  6. Customize your content: Use the available options to customize your content. For example, the Face Swap tool lets you choose a ready-made template or upload your own image to swap faces.
  7. Save and download your content: Once you are happy with the result, you can save and download your content.

Ideal users

Akool AI focuses on a number of core demographic groups, including:

  • Marketing and advertising professionals
  • Graphic designers and content creators
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Bloggers, influencers and social media personalities
  • Students and teachers

Basically anyone who needs to quickly generate eye-catching images, videos or other visuals for personal or commercial use. The affordability of the platform makes it widely accessible.

Comparison of competitors

Akool AI shares similarities with DALL-E 2 and Writesonic when it comes to AI image generation and copywriting respectively. But it combines multiple content creation functionalities into one platform.

Platform Key strengths Limits Prices
Akool AI Various tools for creating multimedia content Affordable subscriptions Generous free credits Steep learning curve Starts at $29/month
DALL-E 2 High-fidelity AI image generator Simple and intuitive Focused solely on images. Long waiting list Free limited beta use
Writingsonic Excellent help with AI copywriting Limited to copywriting $47+/month

Plus points

  • All-in-one visual content creator
  • Professional quality deliveries
  • Customizable and feature-rich
  • Constantly evolving with user feedback


  • Steep learning curve
  • Creating top-notch content requires creative direction
  • No integration with standalone tools yet

My verdict

After testing Akool AI on various facets such as image generation, face swapping and text-to-video conversion, I have been thoroughly impressed with both the quality of the output and the simplicity of the experience.

The AI ​​models powering the platform are clearly highly advanced, delivering professional-quality work that would otherwise require multiple specialist tools and human expertise.

And despite using cutting-edge technology, Akool makes content creation very intuitive through its conversational interfaces and pre-built templates. Generating images, videos and other graphics now feels like child’s play.

While the subscriptions certainly seem justified given the convenience and features they offer, I would have liked to see better integration with popular creative tools. This would strengthen Akool as an all-in-one hub.

But overall, for anyone struggling to consistently produce high-quality, personalized visual content, Akool AI could provide tremendous value. I highly recommend it to digital marketing professionals, social media influencers, educators, and SMEs.

Specifically for visual content creators, Akool AI is a 5/5 product that will undoubtedly transform their workflows for the better.


Akool AI brings advanced generative AI technology to the masses through an accessible and multifunctional platform. It places enormous creative power in the hands of individuals and companies by automating the creation of visual content.

Although Akool AI is just at the beginning of its journey, it has already delivered capabilities that once seemed like years away. As algorithms continue to evolve, this platform has huge potential to become the go-to destination for AI-powered visual content creation.

For both professional and amateur creators struggling to produce high-quality custom images, videos, and designs at scale, Akool AI offers a viable path forward. It’s a huge time saver at a reasonable subscription price while you handle the heavy lifting.

As Akool’s capabilities grow, integrating more closely with creative workflows and delivering even more photorealistic content, widespread adoption seems inevitable. This is an AI platform that promises to help creators focus on what matters most: envisioning a better future, powered by visual storytelling.

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