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UseBlackBox AI is an innovative artificial intelligence coding assistant designed to make developers more efficient and productive. As software development becomes more complex, tools like UseBlackBox provide smart support to help programmers keep up with the rapid pace of technology.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what UseBlackBox AI is, its key features and capabilities, best practices, pricing options, and tips to get the most value from this AI-powered coding tool. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out, UseBlackBox AI aims to improve your coding experience.

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What is UseBlackBox AI?

UseBlackBox AI is an AI-based coding assistant created by Cours Connecte, Inc. It was launched in 2020 as a tool to help developers write code faster by providing intelligent suggestions, autocompletion, and more.

Here are some important facts about UseBlackBox AI:

  • Supported programming languages: Works with more than 20 programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, Java, C++, Go, Ruby and more.
  • Editor integration: Available as a plugin for VS Code, IntelliJ, PyCharm and other code editors. Also works directly in the browser.
  • Core features: Provides code autocompletion, search, chat, debugging, and text extraction from images/PDFs.
  • Pricing: Free trial plus paid plans starting at $0.99 per week.

The goal of UseBlackBox AI is to save developers time and mental energy by providing an AI copilot that can understand what they want to build and generate relevant code snippets on the fly. It aims to change programming from a tedious manual task to a more creative collaborative process between developer and AI assistant.

Key features and capabilities

UseBlackBox AI is packed with advanced features to improve productivity. Here are some of the most notable capabilities:

Autocomplete code

UseBlackBox AI provides intelligent code autocompletion in more than 20 programming languages. As you type, relevant functions, variables, parameters, and more are suggested, helping you write code faster. The suggestions improve as you continue coding.

You can search over 100 million open source GitHub repositories using natural language queries directly in your editor. This makes it easy to find code examples and solutions without leaving your workflow.

Code chat

The code chat feature allows you to convert any question or statement into executable code by simply typing // and your question. For example, you can type // how to connect to MongoDB database in Node.js and UseBlackBox will provide relevant code.

UseBlackBox AI can extract text and code from images, videos, PDFs and other documents. This automates the tedious process of manually transcribing code snippets.


Get AI-powered help to debug your code. UseBlackBox analyzes errors and proposes solutions to resolve problems quickly.

IDE integration

Install the UseBlackBox plugin for seamless integration with VS Code, IntelliJ, PyCharm, and other coding environments you use.

Browser extension

The browser extension brings autofill, search, and other features right to your browser, so you can always access them quickly.

With these robust capabilities, UseBlackBox AI aims to provide an AI co-pilot for developers who can understand context and intent to provide the most relevant suggestions and time-saving automation.

Real-world use cases

UseBlackBox AI can benefit developers in many different roles and use cases:

  • Software Engineers – Autocomplete standard code, find code samples for new libraries, and get suggestions to fix bugs faster.
  • Web Developers – Quickly build front-end code for HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Get help with frameworks like React and Angular.
  • Data Scientists – Generate code for cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing data in Python and R.
  • Students – Learn faster by getting code examples and explanations for school projects and assignments.
  • Hobbyists – Build side projects and hacks by quickly turning ideas into code with an AI assistant.
  • Teams – Maintain consistent style and standards by letting an AI suggest improvements to the code.

The time savings and productivity improvements that UseBlackBox AI provides can accelerate developers in virtually any use case that involves writing code. Both beginners and experts can benefit from the AI-powered support.

Use BlackBox AI pricing and plans

UseBlackBox AI offers flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of individual developers and teams.

Here you will find an overview of the pricing options:

Plan Price Most important features
Free trial period $0/month All functions for 14 days
Good developer $0.99/week 1,000 monthly code searches
1,000 autocompletes/month
20+ languages
Great developer $1.99/week Unlimited code search
Unlimited autofill
200+ languages
Team Custom quote Dedicated AI agency
Additional features
Volume discounts

The free trial provides full access to test out the features for 14 days before committing to a paid subscription.

The Good Developer plan is ideal for individuals who want basic access with 1000 code generations per month. For power users, the Awesome Developer plan offers unlimited code completions and searching.

Custom pricing is available for teams by contacting the UseBlackBox sales team. Volume discounts can be applied based on team size and usage.

UseBlackBox also offers a discount on annual pricing if you pay annually in advance instead of monthly. Overall, the pricing aims to be affordable for developers of all levels, while providing significant time savings.

Tips to get the most out of UseBlackBox AI

Here are some tips to maximize productivity with UseBlackBox AI:

  • Be specific – Ask clear and detailed questions for best results during code chat and search.
  • Use multiple languages – Benefit from the broad language support.
  • Find examples – Search public code to discover patterns and examples.
  • Fix bugs faster – Get AI-suggested debugging solutions.
  • Integrate into Workflow – Install plugins for your editor and browser.
  • Train the AI – Generate helpful suggestions and refine searches to improve relevance over time.
  • Use text extraction – Automate transcribing code from videos, PDFs and more.
  • Stay organized – Use code bookmarks and version history to stay on track.

Limitations and risks

Although Blackbox AI aims to improve productivity and software quality, it also comes with some limitations to consider:

  • The quality of the code generated is only as good as the AI ​​training data
  • Complex original code still requires human skill and creativity
  • It is essential that you understand the generated code before using it
  • Excessive use can lead to dependence on the aid that hinders learning
  • Security issues can arise without proper code auditing
  • Biases in data/algorithms can lead to the exclusion of certain groups
  • Potential for exploitation by automatically generating malicious programs

Responsibly designing and monitoring systems like Blackbox will be important to maximize benefits and minimize risks as AI capabilities grow.

Final thoughts

Blackbox AI has the potential to fundamentally change coding practices through the innovative application of AI techniques. It lowers the barriers for programmers at all skill levels to benefit from AI support.

For new users, take the time to learn the quirks of communicating coding needs in natural language. No AI system today will be 100% perfect. But when used properly, Blackbox can increase your productivity and help you hone your skills as a developer.

The future of AI-assisted programming looks promising as research in this area accelerates. In the coming years, we’ll likely see even smarter integrations between code editors and AI. Exciting times lie ahead at the intersection of artificial and human intelligence!

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