Tom Hanks AI Dental Plan Trending As He Warns Fans About AI-Generated Fake Ad


Los Angeles – Actor Tom Hanks wants fans to know that a recent dental ad in which he appears to be advertising an AI-powered dental plan is completely fake.

“I felt I had to speak out about this insidious use of technology to deceive people,” Hanks said in a statement. “That is not me in the ad and I never agreed to promote this product or any dental plan.”

The ad in question features a digital replica of Hanks’ face, touting the benefits of the dental plan and claiming that it provides A-level dental care. Viewers can easily be fooled as the AI-generated version of Hanks looks and sounds authentic.

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This new trend of using AI image and voice generation to create fake celebrity endorsements could become more common if left unchecked. The technology raises legal and ethical concerns about unauthorized use of likeness and false advertising.

Hanks wants the public to be aware that just because an ad looks and sounds legitimate doesn’t mean it is. “I hope that by coming forward about this blatant misuse of my image and voice, it will discourage other attempts to deceive consumers using similar AI fakes,” Hanks said.

The dental company behind the commercial has not yet responded to Hanks’ statement. The ad can still be viewed online, but may be removed based on the actor’s objections.

This strange saga reminds us that in the age of AI, seeing no longer necessarily means believing. Consumers must remain vigilant against counterfeits hiding among the facts.

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