The Best Photo Enhancer App For Mobile


There are many photo enhancement apps available for photos taken in low light or with poor cameras. To solve image problems such as noise, blur or incorrect color balance, we help users make their images more attractive without learning complex software to enhance them.

How to Choose the Best Image Enhancer App for Android and iOS

It would be best if you consider a few things before choosing one image enhancing app. Try some apps to see which one suits you best.

  • Consider checking if the app is available for Android and iOS.
  • Look for an app that offers batch image processing to enhance multiple images at the same time. It allows you to select and enhance multiple images with one click.
  • Think about the features you want to use in the image enhancement app.
  • Check which app gives you the best output for images. However, there is no direct way to check the output quality. Consider checking image quality, resolution, color accuracy, noise reduction, sharpness, file format, compression, recovery options, etc.
  • Make sure the app supports different file formats. It is essential to ensure that the app supports as many file formats as possible to improve the image as you work with different formats.
  • The user experience (UX) of the app should deliver sound without any ambiguity. It is essential that the app is easy to use and provides a good experience.
  • Some apps are free, but they have ads. To access premium features, some apps offer the option to view advertisements. Users can also opt for the paid version of the app.

Consider your needs and budget before upgrading to the premium version.

The best AI-powered photo enhancement apps

It is able to provide a simple and uncluttered experience. However, some of these free apps have ads and some features require users to upgrade to the premium version to unlock additional benefits. These tools are available and accessible online as web and mobile apps.


This is one of the best AI-powered photo and video enhancement apps, suitable for face retouching, old photo restoration, video enhancements, artistic effects and enhancements. An upgrade option is also available. It uses AI image generators to create an AI version of your photo and an AI avatar. The app is available on Android and iOS as a mobile app.

Pixel up

This AI-powered enhancement app supports various image formats and provides simple and effective photo enhancements. You can upload the image and then do batch processing. It supports various formats and offers 8x image upscaling. It is free and a premium version includes additional features.


AI-driven improvements power this app and provide various features such as improvements in photo and video quality. EnhancedFox can handle retouching, old photo restoration, color correction, noise reduction and batch processing. It also offers clear photo enhancements, sharper images, video upscaling and more. However, some features require a premium subscription, which is available for upgrade.


One of the best choices for users looking for an image enhancement and photo editing app that offers various tools to enhance their images. It has features like coloring, converting images to cartoons, enhancing videos and more. In terms of photo editing, there are graphic design options, HDR processing, beauty retouching, batch processing, support for different image formats and more built-in tools to improve the quality of the images. Fotor also has a premium subscription available.


This app is available for free and is best for increasing the resolution of images. It has 16x image upscaling capabilities with support for different image sizes, noise reduction and sharpening, and there is no need to purchase additional costs for upscaling.


This app is one of the best photo editing apps that offers various options to enhance photos. It comes in both free and paid versions. AI powers the photo editing app. It offers various features to enhance photos such as face retouching, old photo recovery, image upscaling, support for different image sizes, blur correction, removing blue in photos, cropping features, object removal, retouching features and much more. Premium subscriptions are also available.


The app is free to use. It features a simple photo editing app that allows you to enhance your photos with AI-driven enhancements, face retouching, old photo restoration, image upscaling, coloring and converting words into photos. There is also a premium subscription to remove ads and unlock more benefits. However, users can also unlock some premium features by watching ads.

My Heritage

This is the best app for people who want to enhance their old family photos, especially for genealogy and family tree building. It can build your family tree and automatically match it with others. Moreover, it features AI-driven improvements including old photo restoration, colorization, animations, family tree integration, and support for various image formats. It has a premium version to upgrade and unlock more features to enjoy extra benefits.

AI photo enhancement

It is designed for users who want to enhance faces in photos. It can detect faces in selfies or group photos and enhance facial details. AI Photo Enhancer supports multiple languages ​​and is free to use.

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