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Amazon has announced its AI Ready initiative, which has released a number of free generative AI education courses aimed at helping 2 million people worldwide by 2025. To support this, Code.org is also working with students to develop Generative AI and CodeWhisper Learn tools to generate code using natural language. Additionally, AWS Educate and Skill Builder will help with introductory and advanced courses on GenAI through Amazon’s AI Service and Tools. The company aims to increase access to the in-demand skills needed to leverage Next-GenAI technologies and help employees earn higher salaries and advance their careers.

Amazon’s AI Ready Project provides students and working professionals with hands-on learning experiences through three different activities to teach generative AI. The courses cover topics such as generative AI, large language models and predictive analytics, including how to create new content such as text, images or music to promote access to AI education and prepare people for the future of work. The courses teach how to use these products and the underlying AWS machine learning and language models.

Amazon’s AI-Ready Initiative course for developers

This course is designed to teach courses on rapid engineering, low-code machine learning, building LLms, and building generative AI applications using Amazon’s Bedrock.

GenAI is an AI that helps users create new content, such as code, text, and images, to learn about project management and development through Amazon’s AI products such as CodeWhisperer and Bedrock AI. Such as CodeWhisperer, an AI code generator that can write code based on natural language input, transcription and speech-to-text generators to convert audio to text, and Bedrock AI, an app maker, to create mobile and web apps using of AI.

In addition, Amazon also introduced Code.org to launch the Hour of Code Dance Party and AI that allows students to create their virtual music video with hits from artists like Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles and more. The company’s announcements come as AI companies, including OpenAI, are exploring how to get their popular products into classrooms. The initiative aims to democratize AI education and prepare the future workforce for the AI ​​era, which may also face challenges such as ethical issues, quality assurance and accessibility.

Amazon is also providing $12 million worth of Udacity Scholarships. Additionally, Amazon’s AWS Generative AI Scholarship would be awarded to more than 50,000 high school and college students from underserved and underrepresented communities around the world to take an introductory course on generative AI for free. Students earn an official Udacity certificate upon completion to validate their skills. Amazon’s Future Engineer, the company’s childhood-to-career computer science education program, is teaming up with coding nonprofit Code.org for a one-hour primer on AI concepts for K-12 students. Participants will use emojis and lyrics from popular songs to program AI-generated choreographed dances and animated backgrounds.

Featuring eight new free generative AI courses for developers, technical staff, business leaders, and non-technical professionals on AWS Educate and AWS Skill Builder, these eight courses cover fundamental AI concepts and practical application development. Amazon Web Services options range from introductory workshops for non-technical users to advanced, fast-paced engineering and machine learning coding courses for developers. All these courses cover topics such as generative AI, rapid engineering, language models and low-code machine learning, designed for business and non-technical audiences, as well as developers and technical personnel.

Components of the Amazon AI Ready Initiative: Expanding AI education resources

The course covers the basics of how GenAI works and its deployment in real applications, including transformer architecture, refinement process, scaling laws, and LLM tools and methods.

  • GenAI Course: Amazon offers several free courses on GenAI for developers, tech professionals, and beginners. Topics covered include rapid engineering, low-code machine learning, language models, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Bedrock.
  • GenAI Scholarship: $12 million will be allocated for AWS Generative AI Scholarships, which provide scholarship access to free courses, hands-on projects, technical tutors, mentorship and career development resources.
  • Hours of Code: During CS Education Week, December 4-4, an event designed for K-12 students and teachers that offers introductory sessions on coding and AI, Amazon is also offering free AWS Cloud Computing credits worth up to $8 million for the event.
  • AI education resources: Amazon is complementing its initiative with its existing suite of free cloud computing classes. The goal is to equip 29 million people with cloud computing skills and deliver more than 80 free and low-cost AI and machine learning training courses by 2025.

Benefits of Amazon’s AI-Ready Project Course

Amazon unlocks several benefits and opportunities for AI.

Major companies including Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, Google and many more are highlighting the high demand and salary for AI talent. So anyone who wants to learn to improve their AI skills can benefit from it. The demand and skepticism indicate a high demand for AI skills in the labor market, and companies are also willing to pay more for AI talent. Moreover, the courses are also a way for Amazon to promote its technology, facing competition from other major players such as Microsoft, OpenAI and Google.

According to a study by AWS and Access Partnership, AI will become increasingly important to businesses over the next five years and hiring workers with AI skills is a priority, especially for professionals learning AI skills. They can expect higher salaries and more opportunities. Learning AI skills can help people find jobs in the AI ​​field or enhance their existing careers with AI tools that can be used for various applications such as code generation, speech transcription, and AI app development.

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