Krutrim AI Website Login And Use


Krutrim AI is an exciting new AI model developed specifically for Indian languages ​​and contexts. As one of India’s first major entries into the AI ​​space, there is great curiosity about Krutrim AI’s platform and offerings. This article provides an overview of how to access Krutrim’s website and log in, key details of the website, and background information on the company behind it: Krutrim SI Designs.

Log in to the Krutrim AI website

Krutrim AI’s website ( currently has a simple waiting list for entry. Follow these steps to participate:

  1. Go to the Krutrim homepage and click on “Join the waiting list
  2. Select whether you want to participate as an individual “User‘or a’Developer
  3. Enter your email address and submit the form.

Once submitted, you will receive email updates from Krutrim about when and how you can access Krutrim AI as it continues to be rolled out. By signing up you get the chance to try Krutrim AI early as an end user or integrate as a developer.

Important details on the Krutrim AI website

Krutrim’s website provides the first details on the AI ​​model and roadmap:

  • Languages: Krutrim AI aims to support 20 Indian languages. The base model can currently produce content in 10 languages. The upcoming Pro model is intended for 22 languages.
  • Training dates: Krutrim AI is trained on a whopping 2 trillion tokens of Indian text and speech data, boosting strong language understanding.
  • Modalities: Krutrim’s basic model focuses on text, but can also handle speech. The Pro model adds video/image capabilities.
  • Timeline: Krutrim AI launched in late 2022, with plans to make incremental model improvements through 2023/2024 and beyond.
  • Access: An API will be available to developers in early 2023. Consumer access will follow later next year.

The website notes that Krutrim AI has robust capabilities while being optimized for Indian demographics – a unique value proposition compared to global AI models.

Krutrim SI Designs – The company behind Krutrim AI

Krutrim AI was developed by the startup Krutrim SI Designs, founded in 2023 by:

  • Bhavish Aggarwal – Creator of ridesharing giant Ola
  • TV Krishnamurthy – board member of veteran Ola

Krutrim SI Designs seems to be fully focused on cutting-edge AI innovation that caters to Indian needs. In addition to Krutrim AI itself, the company shares plans to develop custom silicon chips and cloud infrastructure to power next-generation AI applications.

This focus on full-stack AI research and development aimed at the Indian market is what sets Krutrim SI Designs apart. The company has also stated that Krutrim AI has outperformed comparable models such as GPT-3 in Indian language understanding tests.

The initial funding for the venture comes from Matrix Partners, an investment firm with close ties to Ola. With this support and leadership status, Krutrim SI Designs is well positioned to advance Krutrim AI and other innovations in the years to come.

The future with Krutrim

Krutrim AI represents a significant evolution in AI technology for one of the most linguistically complex global markets. As Krutrim SI Design continues to develop its models and platforms, we can expect Krutrim AI to continue to advance what is possible in areas such as language translation, speech recognition and conversational AI for India.

It’s still very early days for Krutrim AI, but by visiting the website today and following updates from Krutrim SI Designs, you can stay up to date with this promising AI leader in the making. The future of AI in India could be very bright if Krutrim leads the way.

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