Is GPT 4.5 Fake Or Real?


A leaked screenshot claiming to show advanced capabilities of an unreleased AI model codenamed “GPT-4.5” is circulating online, causing excitement and skepticism about its validity in the tech community.

The visually compelling screenshot shows GPT-4.5 pricing models and outlines amazing features such as multi-modality in text, images, audio, video and 3D formats. It also claims capacities for complex reasoning, causality, common sense and cross-modal understanding.

However, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has cast doubt on the veracity of the screenshot, tweeting a simple “nah” in response to speculation suggesting it is fake.

Sort Answer: Is GPT 4.5 Fake or Reak?

Is GPT 4.5 fake or real? The truth is still uncertain. A leaked screenshot suggests advanced multimodal capabilities, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s response casts doubt on its authenticity. The AI ​​community is both excited and skeptical about the potential of GPT-4.5, but only time will reveal its true nature.

Behind the viral screenshot

The source of the viral screenshot is still unclear. It was posted to Reddit a few days ago and has since spread quickly as users respond to the promised capabilities.

It shows a Stripe dashboard with GPT-4.5 subscription prices for different credit packages. The $50 level supposedly allows 50,000 tokens daily, while the $240 premium level allows 1 million tokens daily.

In addition to the pricing breakdown, you’ll also find a description highlighting highly advanced omnimodal features and intelligence that includes text, voice, images, video, 3D data and more.

But without explicit confirmation from OpenAI regarding the screenshot or GPT-4.5 itself, the contents can only be speculation at this stage.

CEO of OpenAI increases the doubts

As online excitement grew, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman responded on Twitter with a blunt “no” when asked directly if the leaked GPT-4.5 screenshot was real.

Altman’s brief dismissal joins many other voices questioning the veracity of the details and indicates that OpenAI played no role in releasing the information.

Broader responses: excitement and exploration

Reactions to the screenshot ranged from excitement about the promised capabilities to critical analysis of the details.

Some researchers have highlighted factual inconsistencies with known commercialization plans. Others point out similarities to marketing language that OpenAI has avoided.

But many were excited by the prospect of multimodal AI growth, which opens up possibilities for even more natural voice assistants, automated content generation across media formats, and improved reasoning in fields like science and medicine.

Overall, however, the consensus seems to lean towards caution in taking the screenshot without further confirmation. Caution against amplified fake news also abounds.

So while GPT-4.5 could very well be on OpenAI’s roadmap, the leaked details only exist as tantalizing but likely unfounded rumors for now.

The bigger picture

Whatever the reality of GPT-4.5’s current status, the response reflects the anticipation surrounding AI improvements following the widespread success of GPT-3 and subsequent models.

OpenAI is at the forefront of natural language processing capabilities, with innovations such as image generation in DALL-E 2 and Claude’s penetrating answers demonstrating their momentum.

Each iteration brings AI support closer to a multifaceted human-level understanding, predicting a future powered by interfaces that are more intuitive than we can currently imagine.

For now, GPT-4.5 remains mainly a tantalizing mystery. But the landscape it suggests highlights the rapid pace of progress in AI, which could easily exceed expectations.

The days of AI assisting with human-like skills in various modalities are undoubtedly coming. Yet the details of GPT-4.5’s role in that future remain clouded by misinformation for now.

OpenAI will certainly reveal their next steps as proven capabilities align with their research goals. Until then, a healthy skepticism makes it possible to appreciate the progress made while avoiding distraction by mere hearsay.

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