How to Use NightCafe for Free?


NightCafe Studio is a revolutionary platform that allows anyone to create unique AI-generated works of art by simply describing them with text. Thanks to the power of AI algorithms, you can get everything from stunning landscapes to imaginative character creations and more with ease. Best of all, NightCafe offers multiple ways to use their services for free. Read on to discover how you can use advanced AI to create compelling art without spending a dime.

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How do you use NightCafe for free?

Sign up for a free account

Getting started with NightCafe is easy: just go to their website and click “Login/Register” in the top right corner to create your free account. All you need is an email address. Once your account is set up, you can start creating right away with the free credits they provide.

When you first join NightCafe, you will receive 5 free credits that you can use to generate art. With these credits you can explore the platform and see firsthand how well the AI ​​can translate your written descriptions into stunning visuals.

Use your daily free credits

In addition to the 5 welcome credits, NightCafe also grants each user 5 additional free credits every day at midnight UTC. These daily free credits are renewed regardless of whether you used up the previous day’s credits or not. So make sure you log in daily to maximize the amount you can generate for free.

Over the course of a week, this is a total of 35 images that you can create completely free. And if you’re vigilant about using your daily allowance, these credits will add up quickly. Before you know it, you’ll have created a triple-digit amount of AI artwork without spending a dime.

Enhance images for free

NightCafe also offers a range of enhancement tools under the ‘Touch Up’ tab, and these apply to both existing portfolio images and newly generated art. For example, with the simple click of a button you can increase image resolution to 4K, sharpen details, enhance colors and more.

And best of all? Any retouching program can be used without having to spend credits. So feel free to experiment liberally and customize your favorite images to perfection.

Participate in community activities

The NightCafe platform is not just an art generator. It functions as a thriving creative community, where you can join to earn credits quickly and for free.

Under the ‘Play’ tab you will find several community-oriented activities you can participate in, such as weekly design competitions and daily distribution games. In competitions, users vote on entries, with prizes awarded to the winners. In distribution games, participants take turns adding text prompts to images with entertaining results.

If you participate in both types of games, you will earn free credits. And because they are refreshed daily, you can quickly collect credits by returning to the game every 24 hours without any problems.

Refer friends for bonus credits

If you’re really enjoying your experience at NightCafe, why not spread that love? When you invite artist and creator friends to join, you’ll earn 1 free credit per person who signs up through your referral link.

This passive method allows you to collect credits for nothing other than sharing your personalized link. And the fact that you have like-minded people to connect with makes NightCafe even more worthwhile.

So tweet your link and watch the bonus credits pile up!

Use zero credit creation tools

Recently, NightCafe introduced a selection of Zero Credit tools: creative utilities that can be accessed completely without credits. There are currently 4 to choose from:

Color palette generator

Upload a photo or existing artwork and NightCafe’s algorithm will identify and extract the dominant color palette. It’s an effortless way to draw color inspiration from existing images.

Artwork Cropper

Do you have an image that you want to crop in a specific way? This utility allows you to easily crop JPEGs and PNGs right from your browser.

Texture extractor

Extracts and enhances textures from photos with one click. Bring out bold details from patterns, stones, tree bark and more.


If you have artwork smaller than 2048×2048 pixels, you can use the upscaler to increase resolution and brightness exponentially. Excellent for breathing new life into older digital drawings.

While the output of these tools is not as advanced as NightCafe’s AI-generated images, they are still extremely versatile for creative projects. And because there are no credit fees, they are invaluable for any artist on a budget.

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Optimize your free experience

  • Use all daily credits consistently
  • Participate in community games and competitions regularly
  • Share your referral link widely to maximize bonuses
  • Take full advantage of the tools for creating zero credits
  • Make sure you don’t exceed the daily limit of 10 images
  • Log in daily – if you have an active streak you will earn rewards

Following these tips will help you make the most of NightCafe’s generous freebies. And with consistent effort over time, you can even accumulate enough credits to cover periods of low usage in the future.


While NightCafe’s free tier offers a lot to explore, they offer affordable paid subscriptions that unlock more features:

  • Hobbyist – $9 per month. Doubles your daily creation limit from 10 to 20 and includes a second AI model for more art variety.
  • Freelancer – $19 per month. Expands the daily limit to 50 creations and offers a total of 5 different AI models for all your customer needs.
  • Unlimited – $39 per month. Provides unlimited daily image generation with no limits for as many as 9 AI models. Ideal for professional makers.

Subscriptions enable significantly higher creation volumes per day and introduce additional neural networks that you can switch between for more customized results.

For prolific artists and commercially driven creatives who have outgrown what free credits can facilitate, paid memberships enable virtually unlimited output tailored to their unique brand and style.

Of course, the choice to stay free forever is still a completely viable approach for hobbyists thanks to NightCafe’s vast pool of credits waiting to be claimed every day.


Whether you take advantage of free credits or paid subscriptions, NightCafe Studio makes realizing your wildest artistic visions easier than ever thanks to the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Now that you know how to take advantage of everything NightCafe has to offer for free, it’s time to manifest the rich worlds of your imagination into beautiful AI-generated art.

Have fun creating!

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