How To Use Magnific AI?


If you’re in a creative field like design, illustration or photography, you know the struggle. Searching for that perfect image to use as inspiration or source material can be tedious. And even if you find something promising, it may lack the exact, vivid detail your vision requires. Well, say goodbye to that misery, my creative friend! There is a revolutionary new AI tool called Beautiful AI allowing you to transform existing images into stunning masterpieces packed with imaginative detail.

Intrigued by how Magnific AI can accelerate your creative pursuits? Read more!

Beautiful AI: AI-powered image enhancement

Magnific AI uses advanced generative AI to significantly enhance and ‘re-imagine’ images in line with your creative direction.

It gives you granular control to increase resolution, sharpen quality and, most excitingly, conjure up new intricate details that embody your imaginative clues!

Instead of simplistic upscaling, Magnific AI completely reinterprets images. This allows creators in photography, graphic design, architecture and many more fields to enrich their artwork with custom finishes.

Let’s see the capabilities of Magnific AI in action in some common use cases:

🖼Improve photography

Photographers can play with lighting and textures, increase the focus of the subject or even create captivating landscapes!

🎨 Taking digital art to the next level

Illustrators and concept artists can manifest creatures, textures, and environments. Bring your sketches or matte paintings to life!

🏙 Reshaping architecture

Architects and designers can add enticing details to buildings, public spaces or product designs before investing in full renders.

The horizon is endless when your images exceed what you envision thanks to AI!

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How do you use beautiful AI?

Ideas buzzing in your creative mind? Let’s see how seamless it is to channel that imagination to visually enhance images with Magnific AI:

  1. Access to beautiful AI:
    • Start by visiting the Magnific AI website and joining the waitlist.
    • Once you gain access, you can start your image enhancement tasks using this powerful tool.
  2. To select an image:
    • Choose the image you want to enhance. Magnific AI is customizable and compatible with various image types, including portraits, landscapes, illustrations, and more.
  3. Set your parameters:
    • Magnific AI’s standout feature lies in its ability to ‘hallucinate’ details in images, controlled by the ‘Creativity’ slider.
    • Adjust the Creativity slider to determine the level of detail and creativity of the AI ​​in the image.
  4. To use natural language cues:
    • Magnific AI allows you to guide the scaling process using natural language prompts.
    • Describe your desired outcome, and the AI ​​will use this input to guide scaling and improvement.
  5. Process the image:
    • Magnific AI uses advanced AI technology to scale up the image resolution and integrate details according to the settings you specify.
  6. Check and adjust:
    • After the AI ​​processes the image, view the results.
    • If necessary, make further adjustments using the Creativity slider or change prompts to achieve the desired result.
  7. Finalize and download:
    • Once you are satisfied with the improved image, complete the process.
    • Download the detailed high-resolution image for your own use.

Beautiful AI pricing plans

As you may have guessed, such groundbreaking AI comes at a price. Here’s an overview of Magnific AI’s subscription plans:

Plan monthly price Essentials
Pro $39 ✅ Standard image sizes
✅ 2 image exports/day
Premium $99 ✅ Support for high resolution 8K images
⚡️Faster processing
Company $299 🎁 Export 10 images per day
⚡️Highest speeds

There are also annual subscription offers that are somewhat affordable for long-term use.

Naturally, Business offers the greatest creative flexibility, but this weighs on budgets. Pro is a sensible start, especially if you gain access through your company’s discretionary AI funds!

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The future of creativity is powered by AI

AI-generated art continues to make ripples with record sales at auction. But that big money world of AI art remains largely inaccessible to ordinary artists or designers.

Finally, there’s institutional-grade generative AI that increases creativity at YOUR fingertips without the need for a PhD in computer science!

I’m excited to witness the innovative artwork, interpretive architectural concepts, and evolution of new photography styles as creatives everywhere play with Magnific AI.

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