How To Use Lunchbreak AI?


Writing essays can be tedious and time-consuming. Hours of research, writer’s block, and trying to structure a coherent flow of ideas leave many students overwhelmed. This is where Lunchbreak AI comes in: an innovative platform that uses advanced AI to turn essay writing into an efficient, stress-free process.

What is Lunchbreak AI?

Lunchbreak AI is an essay generation tool powered by artificial intelligence. It produces plagiarism-free, well-researched essays based on user input such as the essay’s topic, length, and type. The platform aims to act as a virtual study buddy for students, helping them achieve academic success.

With over 60,000 students already using Lunchbreak AI, it has become an essential asset for improving writing skills and performance. The philosophy behind this tool is to facilitate an enhanced learning experience that goes beyond just writing essays.

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Most important features:

  • AI-powered essay generation
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Topic and source recommendations
  • Essay Structure Outlines
  • Flexible rate plans
  • User-friendly interface

By using the possibilities of artificial intelligence, Lunchbreak AI offers students a helping hand with their toughest academic task: writing essays.

Why use Lunchbreak AI?

Struggling with essay writing is a common pain point for students around the world. Meeting tight deadlines with well-researched, high-quality submissions can be a huge challenge.

Lunchbreak AI alleviates this pain through features such as:

Automated essay writing

The biggest benefit that Lunchbreak AI offers is automatically generating essays based on key inputs. Simply enter the topic, type and length of the essay and let the AI ​​work its magic! This automates the most labor-intensive parts of writing.

Plagiarism check

Maintaining scientific integrity is crucial. Lunchbreak AI scans all generated essays into various databases for plagiarism checking. This ensures that students submit original work with confidence.

Intuitive research assistance

Conducting thorough research is an integral part of essay writing. Lunchbreak AI recommends relevant topics and resources at your fingertips, eliminating ineffective browsing.

By using AI to automate tedious tasks, students can take back time by focusing on the learning itself. The platform enhances the overall experience while maintaining academic standards.

How to use lunch break AI?

Using Lunchbreak AI to eliminate the stress of essay writing is simple. Follow this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit

Go to and click “Start Writing” to get started. Sign in with Google for personalized access.

Step 2: Enter essay details

Specify critical essay details – topic, type, length to shape the writing direction. For example:

  • Subject: Benefits of AI
  • Type: Argumentative
  • Length: 2000 words

Step 3: Overview of reviews

Lunchbreak AI generates an essay outline based on your input. Review and select the most relevant themes that support your essay.

Step 4: Select References

Choose credible references and sources to support key essay statements and arguments.

Step 5: Generate an essay

Review all entries and click ‘Generate Essay’ for Lunchbreak AI to automatically create a draft essay.

That is it! Transform essay writing from dreadful to effortless in a few simple steps with Lunchbreak AI.

Lunch Break AI Pricing Plans

Lunchbreak AI offers flexible pricing plans for a variety of budget needs:

Plan Price Functions Ideal for
Base Free 2 essays/month
500 words/essay
Lunch break try AI
Standard $7.99/month 10 essays/month
1,000 words/essay
Occasional essays
Premium $23.99/month Unlimited essays
5,000 words/essay
Plagiarism reports
Write essays regularly
Long assignments

With the basic subscription you can try out the possibilities of Lunchbreak AI for free. Standard meets monthly academic needs, while Premium allows for extended writing requirements.

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Why Students Love Lunchbreak AI

With more than 60,000 satisfied students, Lunchbreak AI has quickly become a game-changer. Here you will find direct feedback from students on the most important benefits:

“Lunchbreak AI is life-saving! Now writing essays is easy, even with five lessons and soccer practice.”

“My grades have improved since using Lunchbreak AI for essays. The integrated research functions are invaluable.”

“As an international student still improving my English, Lunchbreak AI gives me the confidence to submit correctly formatted, grammar-checked essays.”

Students worldwide perform better academically with less stress thanks to Lunchbreak AI.

Start using Lunchbreak AI today

Take your essay writing to the next level with Lunchbreak AI. This revolutionary tool not only makes essay writing easy but also enhances learning through AI-powered assistance. Sign up now for a free trial and improve your academic performance.

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