How to Use HIX AI to Automate Your Writing Tasks with GPT-4


Writing high-quality content consistently can be a challenge. With advancements in AI technology like GPT-4, platforms like HIX AI make it easier than ever to automate various writing tasks.

HIX AI is an AI writing platform that offers more than 120 writing tools powered by GPT-4, Anthropic’s latest natural language model. With HIX AI you can generate blog posts, YouTube scripts, tweets, emails and more with just a few clicks.

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Key benefits of using HIX AI include:

  • Save time by automating writing tasks
  • Producing high-quality content using GPT-4
  • Access a versatile suite of more than 120 writing tools
  • Generate content in more than 30 languages
  • Ability to customize prompts for desired output

In this article, we will step through the process of using HIX AI to harness the power of GPT-4 for your writing needs.

How to use HIX AI to automate your writing tasks with GPT-4

Step 1: Sign up for an account

First go to HIX AI website and sign up for a free account. The free plan does not require a credit card.

The sign-up process is quick and easy. Just enter your name, email address and password. Then confirm your email address to complete the registration.

Step 2: Choose a subscription

Once you sign up, you can choose one of HIX AI’s pricing plans based on your needs:

  • Free subscription: Gives access to all 120+ AI writing tools, unlimited projects and allows to generate 3000 words per month.
  • Pro subscription: Starts at $9.99 per month. Includes 20,000 words generated per month.
  • Business plan: Starts at $49 per month. Offers 50,000 words generated per month.

The free subscription is ideal to get started and test the possibilities. As your usage increases, you’ll get more words per month when you upgrade to the Pro or Business plan.

Step 3: Explore the writing tools

The real power of HIX AI lies in its versatile set of AI-powered writing tools.

Here are some of the most popular tools offered:

HIX ArticleGPT

This tool allows you to generate high-quality blog posts and articles in more than 30 languages. Simply enter a topic, keywords, tone and other clues to automatically generate long-form content.

HIX copywriter

Use this to create taglines, ads, sales letters, email/SMS campaigns, social media captions and other marketing copy.

HIX web content generator

Perfect for creating landing pages, web pages, SEM content and more. Supports multiple languages.

HIX email generator

Automate personal, professional, sales, cold email templates and more. Also supports sequels.

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With over 120 tools, HIX AI is likely to have a solution for all writing needs – be it books, stories, legal documents, code documentation and more. The possibilities are endless.

Step 4: Use the tools to automate writing

Let’s see a quick example of using HIX AI tools to automate writing:

  1. Open the HIX ArticleGPT tool
  2. Enter basic prompts such as subject, tone, and keyword targets
  3. Automatically generate a full blog post
  4. Check and correct where necessary
  5. To publish!
Topic: Content Creation
Target Keywords: write better content, improve writing skills
Tone: Friendly, conversational
Length: 800 words

HIX ArticleGPT automatically structures an entire blog post around the given prompts. The output can be seamlessly integrated with the existing workflow.

You can use this process to eliminate repetitive tasks such as formatting messages, inserting headers/bullets, etc. Focus solely on the quality of the content.

Step 5: Check and refine the output

Although HIX AI generates high-quality output out-of-the-box, you should always check the content before publishing it.

Watch out for:

  • Accuracy: Double-check statistics, brand names, product details, etc.
  • Formatting: Split up long paragraphs, highlight important points in bold, etc.
  • Involvement: Add relevant images, quotes and examples to improve quality
  • Plagiarism: Rewrite parts that align with existing content, citing sources

By refining cues and assessing output, the AI ​​can be trained over time. The more you use HIX AI, the better it adapts to your writing style and expectations.


With capabilities such as GPT-4, HIX AI takes content automation to the next level. It allows makers to save time, increase productivity while maintaining quality.

By following the simple 5-step process: sign up, choose a plan, explore features, use the tools, and refine the output, you’ll unlock more than 120 ways to automate writing with HIX AI. Eliminate repetitive tasks, write faster, and focus more on strategy and creativity.

So sign up today to supercharge your content engine with HIX AI!

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