How To Use Gliglish AI Tool For English Speaking


Speaking fluent English is an invaluable skill for connecting with people around the world. However, for non-native speakers, improving spoken English can seem intimidating. This is where AI-powered language apps like Gliglish come into the picture. Gliglish uses advanced AI to enable natural conversations that help you gain confidence in speaking English every day.

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What is Gliglish AI

Gliglish is an AI-based English tutoring tool specifically designed for verbal communication. It functions as an intelligent chatbot, allowing you to have fluent conversations in English to improve your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and speaking skills.

Key features that make Gliglish a uniquely effective platform for English-language practice include:

  • AI-powered speech recognition and processing
  • Instant grammatical and pronunciation feedback
  • Customizable speech rate adjustment
  • Contextual conversations about various real-life topics
  • Multilingual support and instant translations
  • Bite-sized daily practice sessions

By regularly using Gliglish to chat in English, you can dramatically expand your language skills over time.

How to Use Gliglish AI Tool for English Speaking

Getting started with Gliglish to improve your spoken English is quick and easy:

Step 1: Create your account

First, download the Gliglish mobile app on your iOS or Android device. Then create a free account with your name, email address and password. The sign-up process takes less than a minute.

Step 2: Set your target language to English

Then set English as the target language for conversation practice. You can switch between languages ​​at any time.

Step 3: Start chatting!

You’re now ready to chat in English on Gliglish! Tap the microphone icon to start speaking.

The AI ​​provides intelligent responses based on what you say to keep the conversation going. This back-and-forth exchange is what makes Gliglish so effective for verbal practice.

Key features for learning English

As you use Gliglish for everyday English practice, you can leverage these key features to maximize your language learning:

Gradual speed adjustment

You can adjust Gliglish’s speech speed up to 50% or up to 150% of normal speed. When you start, slow it down so you can understand it better. Then gradually speed up the pace to challenge yourself.

Instant feedback

Gliglish provides real-time feedback on your grammar and pronunciation as you speak. This allows you to correct mistakes yourself and learn from them.

Multilingual support

If you don’t understand a word, phrase, or entire sentence, tap the instant translation feature. Here are the English translations so you can learn new vocabulary.

Topics of conversation

Gliglish offers a wide range of everyday conversation topics – from weather to sports, travel, food and more. This will introduce you to practical English vocabulary.

Bite-sized sessions

Practice speaking English for free on Gliglish in daily 10-minute sessions. Regular short practice is optimal for remembering what you learn.

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Unlock Fluent English with Gliglish

By using Gliglish’s specialized features, you’ll pave a clear path to English fluency over time through these stages:

Phase 1: Start talking

In the beginning, focus on becoming comfortable speaking English out loud every day, even if it is very simple sentences.

Phase 2: Expand vocabulary

As you chat more, you gradually expand your vocabulary on conversation topics. Find translations for unknown words.

Phase 3: Improve accuracy

With a larger vocabulary base, you can shift the focus to improving grammatical accuracy by applying Gliglish’s instant feedback.

Phase 4: Building fluency

After developing a well-rounded vocabulary and accuracy skills, you can now increase your speech rate and fluency. Extend chat times.

Phase 5: Gain confidence!

With regular practice, you will gain immense confidence in speaking English for travel, business, befriending foreigners and more!

The key is consistency with using Gliglish for bite-sized daily speaking sessions to ultimately unlock speaking skills at your own pace.

Upgrade to Gliglish Plus

While the free version of Gliglish offers significant value, upgrading to Gliglish Plus unlocks more features and benefits, including:

  • Longer talk times
  • Additional topics, vocabulary and grammar
  • Priority access to new AI conversation features
  • Lower latency for more natural chats
  • Advanced insights into your learning progress
  • Certification for achieving speaking milestones

So if you want to boost your English learning, upgrade to Plus!

Start speaking today!

Practicing English conversations doesn’t have to be a lonely or stagnant process with Gliglish. The AI ​​immediately adapts to your level and must make each session engaging and constructive to become fluent in the language.

With fun, effective daily practice you can overcome hesitations and insecurities around speaking English. Build world-class fluency with Gliglish – and start unlocking opportunities worldwide!

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