How To Use Epik AI Photo Editor For AI Yearbook?


The AI ​​yearbook trend has taken the digital world by storm, allowing individuals to use artificial intelligence to create and edit professional-looking yearbook photos. Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are buzzing with the creativity unleashed by AI-generated yearbook photos. Epik AI Photo Editor embraces this trend and offers a range of features including AI skin correction, smart AI crop, AI filters, hairstyles and expressions adjustment and professional photo editing tools. In this guide, we’ll guide you through creating your own AI yearbook photos with Epik AI Photo Editor.

Understanding the AI ​​yearbook trend

Recently, the AI ​​yearbook trend has become extremely popular. People are exploring the creative possibilities that artificial intelligence offers to enhance their yearbook photos. This trend allows individuals to transform ordinary photos into extraordinary memories. Epik AI Photo Editor is at the forefront of this trend, providing users with an intuitive platform to bring their AI yearbook visions to life.

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Discover the features of Epik AI Photo Editor

Epik AI Photo Editor boasts a range of features designed to take your editing experience to the next level:

  • AI skin correction: Achieve flawless skin by using AI to correct imperfections so your photos radiate natural beauty.
  • Smart AI Cutout: Seamlessly separate figures, objects and animals from the background with precision and ease.
  • AI filters: Unleash your creativity by creating unique characters in a variety of styles to add a touch of individuality to your yearbook photos.
  • Hairstyle and expression adjustment: Experiment with different hairstyles and expressions so you can reinvent your look and personalize your photos.
  • Professional editing tools: Use advanced tools such as HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective, Lux, Texture, Grain, Brilliance and Vignette. Effortlessly make nuanced color adjustments and create varied moods in your yearbook photos.
  • AI face: Enhance your photos with natural-looking hair colors and styles using AI technology.
  • PRO page: Easily access all your PRO benefits on the new Benefits page.

How to use Epik AI Photo Editor for AI yearbook?

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Download and install the app To get started, download Epik AI Photo Editor from the app store of your choice. Install it on your device and make sure you have the latest version for the best editing experience.
Select the “AI Yearbook” function. Launch the app and look for the “AI Yearbook” feature. This specialized tool is tailor-made for creating stunning AI Yearbook photos. Tap to open and start your creative journey.

Perfect your photos with Epik AI

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Choose or take a photo Select a photo from your gallery or take a new one using the app’s camera feature. Epik AI works seamlessly with both existing and freshly created images.
Refine your skin with AI Use the AI ​​skin feature to effortlessly correct blemishes and imperfections so your skin looks flawless and natural in every photo.
Master the Smart AI Cutout feature Accurately separate figures, objects and even animals from the background using the smart AI cutout function. Effortlessly create detailed and sleek cutouts.

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Let your creativity run wild

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Remove unwanted elements Epik AI’s delete feature allows you to erase unwanted parts of your photos, giving you full control over the composition of your AI Yearbook photos.
Create unique characters Dive into the AI ​​filter feature, where you can create your own characters in different styles. Let your imagination run wild and design characters that stand out.
Renew your look Experiment with the hairstyle and expression features to give yourself or your subjects a whole new look. Transformations have never been so fun and easy!

Fine-tuning with professional tools

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Master advanced editing tools Dive into the world of professional photo editing with tools like HSL, Curves, Split Tone, Selective and more. Learn how to make precise color adjustments and create different moods in your AI Yearbook photos.
Save and share your masterpiece Once you’ve perfected your photo, save it to your camera roll or share it straight to your favorite social media platforms. Show off your creativity and share your AI Yearbook photos with the world.

Contact Epik AI Photo Editor support

If you encounter any issues or have questions about subscriptions, Epik AI Photo Editor offers seamless support through the app. Their dedicated customer service ensures that you get timely assistance, improving your overall editing experience.

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Premium features of Epik AI Photo editor

In addition to the core features, Epik AI Photo Editor offers premium functionalities including:

  • Cut out: Create intricate cutouts for your photos.
  • Selective: Focus on specific parts of your photo for detailed editing.
  • Patch: Repair imperfections seamlessly.
  • Relight: Adjust the lighting to effectively emphasize your facial features.
  • Mosaic Layout: Create visually appealing mosaic layouts.
  • Batch Operation: Streamline your editing process by applying changes to multiple photos at once.
  • collage: Effortlessly create captivating collages.
  • To expand: Improve the overall quality of your photos with one simple click.


In short, the AI ​​yearbook trend is a testament to the convergence of technology and creativity. Epik AI Photo Editor allows you to be part of this trend and offers an extensive range of features and tools to create stunning yearbook photos. Embrace the convenience of AI-powered editing and transform your photos into cherished memories. Download Epik AI Photo Editor today and embark on a journey of limitless creativity.

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