How to Use BigSpeak AI: Generating Realistic Audio from Text

BigSpeak AI is a powerful and user-friendly application that allows you to transform text into realistic-sounding audio. By harnessing the capabilities of machine learning algorithms, BigSpeak AI delivers top-notch voice generation that can be utilized for various purposes. In this article, we will explore how to effectively use BigSpeak AI to convert text to audio and leverage its advanced features for optimal results.


In this digital age, the demand for efficient and accurate voice-to-text conversion has grown significantly. BigSpeak AI is a free application that excels in generating realistic audio from text. By employing machine learning algorithms, it produces high-quality voice output, offering a seamless user experience.

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Understanding BigSpeak AI

  • BigSpeak AI utilizes a blend of machine learning algorithms to deliver exceptional voice generation capabilities.
  • The application allows you to effortlessly convert voice into text using its powerful AI tool.
  • It supports multiple languages, enabling accurate transformation of spoken words into written text.
  • Whether you require transcription for interviews, meetings, or live speeches, BigSpeak AI simplifies the process.
  • BigSpeak AI can identify up to five different voices within a speech, making it ideal for group settings.

Converting Voice to Text

To leverage the functionalities of BigSpeak AI, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the BigSpeak AI website.
  2. Register an account to gain access to the service.
  3. Enter the text you wish to generate audio for.
  4. Enjoy the convenience of transforming your text into realistic audio.

Accurate Voice Transcription

BigSpeak AI’s accuracy in voice transcription can be attributed to advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques. These technologies enable the software to comprehend the intricacies of spoken language, resulting in highly precise written transcripts.

Using BigSpeak AI Website

  • The BigSpeak AI website offers a user-friendly interface for converting text to audio.
  • By registering an account, you can generate audio for up to 1,000 characters, making it suitable for longer voice clips.

Voice Cloning and Audio Transcription

  1. BigSpeak AI provides a voice cloning feature for English.
  2. It also offers AI audio transcription services for multiple languages, including English, German, Italian, French, and Japanese.
  3. The application includes a wide range of voices suitable for different contexts, such as actions, communication/social, creative, entertainment/cooking, economics/law, engineering/education, science, biology, chemistry/pandemic, geography, and more.

Enhancing Audio Quality with SSML

  1. BigSpeak AI supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).
  2. SSML allows users to customize their audio output by adding pauses, adjusting pitch, rate, and volume.
  3. By utilizing SSML, you can further enhance the quality and realism of the generated audio.

Different Voice Skins and Tones Available on BigSpeak AI

Voice Skins and Tones on BigSpeak AI

BigSpeak AI offers an extensive selection of voice skins and tones, ensuring that users can find the perfect fit for their audio requirements. Let’s explore some of the key voice skins and tones available on the platform:

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The “Actions” voice skin on BigSpeak AI is ideal for content related to adventure, sports, or any topic that requires an energetic and dynamic tone. It adds a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to the generated audio, making it engaging for the listeners.


For content focused on communication, social interactions, or interpersonal skills, the “Communication/Social” voice skin is a great choice. It conveys warmth, friendliness, and a conversational tone, making the audio feel more relatable and human.


The “Creative” voice skin is designed for content related to art, literature, or any creative field. It brings a touch of imagination and artistic flair to the audio, making it captivating and inspiring for the listeners.


If you’re creating content about entertainment or cooking, the “Entertainment/Cooking” voice skin is perfect. It infuses a lively and vibrant tone into the audio, creating an immersive experience for the audience.


The “Economics/Law” voice skin is tailored for content in the fields of economics, finance, or law. It imparts a professional and authoritative tone, ensuring that the generated audio conveys credibility and expertise.


For technical or educational content, the “Engineering/Education” voice skin is an excellent choice. It delivers information with clarity and precision, making complex concepts easier to understand for the listeners.


The “Science” voice skin is specifically designed for scientific content. It provides a knowledgeable and informative tone, allowing the audio to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts and research findings.


If your content revolves around biology or life sciences, the “Biology” voice skin is the right option. It brings a sense of curiosity and wonder to the audio, making it engaging and captivating for biology enthusiasts.


The “Chemistry/Pandemic” voice skin is suitable for content related to chemistry, healthcare, or pandemic-related topics. It combines a serious and informative tone, ensuring that the audio conveys accurate information while maintaining listener interest.


The “Geography” voice skin is tailored for content that explores different regions, cultures, or geographical phenomena. It adds an exploratory and descriptive tone, making the audio immersive and captivating for geography enthusiasts.


BigSpeak AI offers a range of additional voice skins and tones to cater to various niche topics and subject matters. Whether it’s technology, history, literature, or any other field, you can find a voice skin that aligns with your content.

Personalization Options: Accents, Languages, and Genders

In addition to voice skins and tones, BigSpeak AI allows users to personalize their audio further. Users can choose from a diverse selection of accents, languages, and genders, ensuring that the generated audio aligns with the desired context and target audience.

Fine-tuning the Audio: Pitch, Rate, and Volume

To achieve optimal customization, BigSpeak AI provides users with control over various audio parameters. Users can adjust the pitch, rate, and volume of the generated audio using the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This feature allows for precise modifications, enabling users to create audio outputs that match their specific requirements.

Enhancing Naturalness and Expressiveness with SSML

BigSpeak AI’s integration with Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) offers users the ability to enhance the naturalness and expressiveness of the generated audio. By utilizing SSML tags, users can add pauses, emphasis, and other effects to the audio, making it sound more human-like and expressive. This feature contributes to a more engaging and immersive listening experience for the audience.


BigSpeak AI is an invaluable tool for transforming text into lifelike audio. With its impressive voice generation capabilities and advanced features such as voice cloning, audio transcription, and SSML support, users can achieve exceptional results. Whether for personal or professional use, BigSpeak AI provides a seamless and efficient solution for generating realistic audio from text.


Q. How much does BigSpeak AI cost?

BigSpeak AI is a free application, allowing users to access its voice generation capabilities at no cost.

Q. Can BigSpeak AI transcribe multiple voices in a group setting?

Yes, BigSpeak AI can accurately identify up to five different voices within a speech, making it suitable for group settings.

Q. In which languages does BigSpeak AI offer audio transcription?

BigSpeak AI supports audio transcription in English, German, Italian, French, and Japanese.

Q. What is SSML, and how does it enhance audio quality?

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) is a technology supported by BigSpeak AI that enables users to customize their audio output by adjusting parameters such as pauses, pitch, rate, and volume. This customization enhances the quality and realism of the generated audio.

Q. How long can the audio clips generated by BigSpeak AI be?

With a registered account, users can generate audio for up to 1,000 characters, making it suitable for longer voice clips.

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