How to Use Bigjpg AI: Get Crystal Clear Images


Do you have old, low-resolution photos that you want to be of higher quality? Or maybe you need to enlarge the image for a large format print, but don’t want it to look grainy? Bigjpg’s photo magnifying artificial intelligence allows you to easily scale up images and improve clarity at the same time.


Bigjpg uses powerful deep learning algorithms to enlarge photos without sacrificing quality. It can double or quadruple the size of JPG images with dramatically improved resolution. Whether you want to revive grainy old memories or prepare images for large canvas prints, Bigjpg has the solution for you.

The free online tool is also user-friendly. With just a few clicks, anyone can achieve stunning image enhancement. Read on to learn how to tap into Bigjpg’s AI magic.

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How do you use Bigjpg AI?

Select your image

Visit and click “Select Images” or drag a file to the designated area. For free users, images must:

  • Less than 10MB
  • Smaller than 3000 x 3000 px

Supported formats include JPG, PNG, WebP and TIFF.

Choose Preferences

After uploading, click “Start” and a pop-up will appear with your preferences:

  • Image type: Photo or Anime – the AI ​​is optimized for each
  • Dish: 2x or 4x for free users
  • Noise reduction: Low/Medium/High to control graininess

Select your choices and click “OK” to start.

Let the AI ​​work its magic

Now sit back and relax! The AI ​​goes to work to increase and improve your image. Time varies depending on size and server traffic, so grab some coffee while you wait!

Download your masterpiece

A “Download” button will appear when processing is complete. Click on it to save your glorious high-resolution creation!

Tips for best results

Follow these tips to get the most out of Bigjpg’s AI:

  • Try different settings: Play with noise reduction levels and 2x vs. 4x scale to compare.
  • Upscale in phases: Going from 1x to 8x in one go can introduce artifacts. Instead, go 1x -> 2x -> 4x for the best quality.
  • Upload the largest possible version: Although Bigjpg can enlarge small images, starting with a higher resolution means even better final output.
  • Stick to the JPG format: Other formats such as PNG will work, but JPG usually produces the highest quality results.

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While Bigjpg’s free plan offers excellent basic image upscaling, upgrading truly unlocks professional quality:

  • Higher scale ratios: Scale by 6x, 8x or more!
  • Batch processing: Enlarge unlimited images.
  • Higher speeds: Skip the queues with priority processing.
  • Higher resolution limits: Scale up gigantic images over 3000x3000px.
  • RAW support: Upload RAW photos from your DSLR camera.

So if you’re doing heavy enlargements or professional design work, paid subscriptions enable even better AI image enhancement.


Bigjpg’s artificial intelligence makes it quick and easy to revive or enlarge poor-resolution images for large prints. In three simple steps, anyone can achieve amazing results online for free. Just upload your photo, choose your preferences and download your enhanced masterpiece! Or get the full power with a premium paid subscription.

Give your pixelated photos new life today by letting this innovative AI work its magic. Dopamine-producing “before and after” guaranteed!

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