How To Use Alli AI?


Artificial intelligence is transforming digital marketing, offering brands new ways to understand their audiences, create relevant content and drive meaningful engagement. Alli AI is at the forefront of this AI-powered revolution, offering an all-in-one SEO platform that uses cutting-edge technology to rank websites higher and deliver exceptional visitor experiences.

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How to use Alli AI?

Getting started with Alli AI is quick and easy. Simply sign up for an account on the Alli AI website. You will then be guided through a short tutorial explaining the core features of the platform.

Once you log in, you’ll be taken to the skills dashboard, where you can access all of Alli AI’s tools to boost your website’s SEO and content strategy. The dashboard provides an overview of existing skills (more on that later), so you can monitor and manage everything in one place.

Creating your first skill

  • In Alli AI, skills strengthen your AI assistant. When you create a new skill, you set up a dedicated chatbot that handles a specific function, whether it’s generating content, monitoring analytics, performing keyword research, or a number of other tasks.
  • To add a new skill, click the “+” button in the upper right corner of the skills dashboard. You will then be asked to give the skill a name and description. Make sure you choose something that accurately reflects the purpose of the skill.
  • Now that your skill has been created, it’s now time to define its capabilities by setting up the skill flow, placement targeting, and user targeting.

On-page SEO optimization with Alli AI

  • One of Alli AI’s most powerful features is its ability to analyze your website’s content and code to identify opportunities to improve on-page SEO. This allows you to increase organic visibility and deliver more value to search engine bots.
  • Once you have connected your website to Alli AI, go to the Content Optimization section of the SEO tab. Here you’ll find detailed recommendations for optimizing title tags, meta descriptions, headings, body content, and more. Alli AI will even rewrite content to seamlessly integrate keywords and better tailor search intent.
  • The technical SEO analyzer scans your site’s underlying code for issues that could hinder performance. Alli AI discovers solutions for improving site speed, improving accessibility, leveraging rich snippets, and structuring data formatting, among other technical improvements.

Conducting keyword research

  • Keyword research lays the foundation for an effective SEO strategy. With Alli AI’s robust set of keyword tools, you can easily find the search terms that align with your brand and drive qualified organic traffic to your site.
  • In the Keyword Research module, enter a target keyword or phrase to view detailed statistics on search volume, competition, relevance, and more. Alli AI combines this data with its AI capabilities to deliver a list of promising keywords tailor-made for your business.
  • As you build your content strategy, continue to refer to Alli AI’s keyword suggestions. This ensures that you target keywords that are likely to convert and avoid oversaturated terms with low conversion rates.

Monitoring your SEO progress

  • One of the key benefits of Alli AI is the insight it provides through robust analytical tracking and reporting. Within the SEO module, you can view current statistics on your website’s visibility in the search engine, including ranking position for target keywords.
  • Setting up rank tracking in Alli AI is as simple as adding the URLs you want to monitor. You’ll then see detailed analytics that reflect changes in your site’s ranking over time. Use these performance insights to measure the impact of your optimization efforts.
  • In addition to tracking rankings, Alli AI also measures click-through rates, traffic sources, landing page experience, and more. Refer to these reports regularly to understand what works so you can double down on your effective strategies.

Building backlinks at scale

Backlinks remain one of the strongest signals of reputation and authority in the eyes of Google. Alli AI enables scalable backlink building through its suite of link building tools.

Visit the Outreach section to access features for identifying and monitoring link opportunities, managing outreach campaigns, tracking secure links, and measuring backlink ROI. Alli AI even automates initial outreach emails to streamline the process.

Supplement manual outreach efforts with Alli AI’s automated link building capabilities. The platform integrates directly with powerful sites like Medium to publish content and capture high-authority backlinks with minimal effort on your part.

Optimize content for users and search bots

In addition to technical SEO improvements, Alli AI also allows you to optimize your content for maximum discoverability and engagement.

In the Content Strategy module, activate the AI ​​Writer to instantly generate new blog posts and landing pages around your top performing keywords. The advanced generative AI assesses your brand’s voice and message to produce completely original, on-brand copy tailored to buyer needs.

Take your content even further by using Alli AI Conversation to make it more thought-provoking and engaging. The tool restructures content into an engaging question and answer format designed to keep visitors actively reading.

Localize your website through automation

For brands targeting multiple geographic locations, Alli AI’s localization capabilities are game-changing. With just a few clicks, you can launch translated versions of your website tailored to the cultural nuances of local markets.

From automatically detecting a visitor’s location to translating site content into local languages ​​to accepting payments in regional currencies, Alli AI handles all the heavy lifting in rolling out geo-targeted website versions.

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Transform into a global brand by leveraging Alli AI’s robust localization features:

  • Geo-redirect website visitors to location-specific site versions
  • Translate content into over 100 languages ​​while maintaining the tone and tone of your brand
  • Enable regional payment methods and taxes
  • Adapt messaging so that it resonates across cultures
  • Generate locally optimized content around location-specific search trends

Continually improve with Alli AI insights

The work doesn’t stop once you complete your first website optimization. By regularly reviewing Alli AI’s automatically generated reports and suggestions, you can continually refine your approach to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

Set up performance alerts to receive notifications when rankings fluctuate, new optimization opportunities arise, or it’s time to rethink campaigns. Use Alli AI’s ongoing recommendations to iterate on content, refine technical elements, and amplify strategies that are proving successful.

Think of Alli AI as your digital marketing partner, working tirelessly behind the scenes so you can shift focus to broader strategy and expansion. Rely on artificial intelligence guidelines to keep your website optimized on all critical fronts.

Integrate Alli AI across all digital properties

Although Alli AI was built with websites in mind, its capabilities extend to virtually any digital environment. Alli AI’s developer-friendly APIs allow brands to integrate our AI into web and mobile apps for next-level personalization.

Chatbot interactions, product recommendations, user segmentation, content customization – unlock it all through Alli Al’s seamless integration with popular programming languages.

For e-commerce brands: Inject our AI solutions directly into online product pages to match visitors with relevant items, activate special offers and influence purchasing decisions.

Flexible integration options also allow Alli AI to connect to third-party platforms such as Shopify, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and more. Centralize key features like chat, support, lead generation, and campaign management within the everyday tools your team already uses.


Leveraging Alli AI gives today’s digital brands an unfair advantage when it comes to unlocking top performance on websites. Robust SEO capabilities, user-centric content tools, versatile integration options, and built-in analytics come together on one platform to help your brand dominate the digital landscape.

See for yourself how Alli AI’s artificial intelligence delivers real results by signing up for a free trial today. In just a few minutes, our AI assistant will get to work refining your website for online growth and visibility.

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