How To Download Candy AI Mod APK?


The Candy AI Mod APK promises an improved photo editing experience compared to the regular Candy Selfie app. With AI-powered tools, unlocked VIP access and more, it aims to take your mobile creativity to the next level. This guide explains how to find, download and install this custom APK while keeping your device safe.

Introduction to Candy AI Mod APK

Candy AI Mod APK appears to be a modified variant of the popular Candy Selfie photo editor app for Android. It offers advanced AI editing features such as:

  • AI-powered filters, effects and adjustment tools
  • Automatic background replacement and spot removal
  • Unlocked VIP content such as additional fonts, textures and animoji
  • Removal of ads for uninterrupted editing

By installing this custom APK you will get access to premium features for free. However, it is distributed outside official stores, so extra precautions are required.

Finding Reliable Sources for the Mod APK

As a non-certified mod, Candy AI Mod APK cannot be downloaded from app stores such as Google Play Store. Instead, you should use APK download sites. Here are some reputable options:


Offers Candy Selfie v6.0.9022 MOD + APK promising premium unlocked features.


Offers AI Type Candy Mod APK and an AI Art Photo Editor Mod APK for selfie enhancement.


Shares a Selfie AI v6.7.9107 MOD APK that unlocks editing tools.

While these sources have gained credibility in the Android community, it is still essential to scan downloads before installing.

Adjust settings to enable APK installations

Before installing Candy AI Mod APK, you must first configure the settings to allow APK downloads outside the official app stores:

  1. Go to Institutions > Security
  2. Switch Unknown sources installations
  3. Confirm any permission prompts

With these quick tweaks, your device can now install third-party APK files such as Candy AI Mod.

Download and install the Mod APK

Once your settings allow external APK downloads, getting Candy AI Mod is simple:

  1. To download the APK file from a trusted source
  2. Using your device file managerfind the APK
  3. Crane the downloaded APK file
  4. Complete the installation steps and directions

Once installed, Candy AI Mod should be accessible just like any other app for your creative editing needs!

Scan downloads with antivirus apps

Since Candy AI Mod APK comes from unofficial sources, it is smart to take some safety measures. Running the APK through antivirus software before installation provides an extra layer of protection.

Some of the best antivirus apps for Android are:

  • Malwarebytes – Deep scans detect threats
  • AVG Antivirus – Blocks malicious apps and websites
  • Avast Mobile Security – Stops spyware and exploits
  • Lookout Security Antivirus – Protects against malware

It is highly recommended to use one of these apps to scan downloads first if you are working with external APK files. This protects you from potential device infection vectors.

Use Candy AI Mod APK responsibly

While it’s exciting to gain access to unlocked premium features for free through mods, it’s wise to consider the impact bypassing normal payment methods has on hardworking developers. If possible, depending on your situation, purchasing or donating legitimate app copies to indie developers is highly appreciated.

However you use it, Candy AI Mod APK opens up an AI-enhanced creative playground for next-level mobile photo editing!

Key learning points

In summary, the core steps for getting Candy AI Mod APK include:

  • Find safe APK download sites
  • Adjust settings for installing from unknown sources
  • Scan downloads with antivirus apps first
  • After scans, tap the APK file you want to install
  • Use unlocked features responsibly

By exercising reasonable caution by following these guidelines, you can explore the AI-powered creative possibilities of Candy Selfie through the modified version without too much risk!

Is this modified APK legal and safe?

It’s in a gray area – proceed with caution. Download only from reputable sites, run antivirus scans, and check the laws in your region.

What are the risks of using this mod?

Possible malware infection, privacy risks, app instability or account blocking if developers detect and address unofficial usage.

What should I do if I encounter problems?

You can uninstall and reinstall the official Candy Selfie app from the Play Store or any other verified source. Adjust the settings if necessary.

Are there any good alternative AI photo editor mods?

Yes, options like FaceApp Pro Mod APK also offer AI-enabled editing features. But Candy AI Mod specifically specializes in AI selfie enhancement.

Can I get help directly from the developer?

Unfortunately not. You will have to consult modding resources online as Candy AI Mod APK is an uncertified third-party iteration.

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