How to Create TikTok LinkedIn Headshot


You may have already seen some of the popular AI headshot generators. These images look exceptionally perfect, especially for LinkedIn photos. This is one of the most professional AI LinkedIn headshots that can be used to generate trends on TikTok, and it is also cost-effective. AI-Art Generator tools are on the rise, especially after the launch of OpenAI’s DALL-E AI model.

Since then, tools like MidJourny, Adobe FireFly, Google Imagine, and many more have been announced. Now many products and services have integrated various AI models for image generation. Furthermore, AI has the potential to transform and revolutionize the industry with some of these AI-powered tools.

These tools are also quite useful as they help users; even beginners can use them, and these tools also save a lot of time, effort and money. These images are easy to use with the Remini app. We have many similar AI powered products and services offering AI headshot generators. Remini is a good alternative that reduces the skills required to create such AI art with LinkedIn photo prompts.

What is the Remini AI-Art Generator?

This tool can be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android and the Apple App Store on iOS devices, and it can generate an AI avatar that resembles a person’s likeness.

Remini AI-Art Generators are better known for enhancing and restoring old photos, and this tool has recently become popular after the AI ​​LinkedIn headshots. Not to mention, the results will be different every time as it depends on different preferences and the quality of the original images.

  • This tool has the ability to generate images of your likeness, including your hair color, patterns, and eyes.
  • You can generate an image by uploading an image and there are several hairstyle options to choose from.

The images generated by these tools depend on individual preferences and the quality of these images depends on the quality of the uploaded image. Users can also check out other alternative tools such as the popular social media site TikTok, which has been gaining popularity for almost a month now.

These AI LinkedIn portrait generation tools have become quite popular, and creating these images is also very easy with the Remini tool. Let’s see how you can start creating these viral TikTok LinkedIn headshot trends. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look. Compared to other AI Art Generator tools, Remini stands out because it can generate realistic photos, while other similar tools can achieve different results.

How to Generate LinkedIn Headshot Trends with the Mobile App

Start downloading the popular one AI LinkedIn portrait generation tool, Remini.

  1. Download the Remini app from the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.
  2. You will then be asked to sign up for a trial period. You’ll need an account, then launch the app and tap the Get Started button.
  3. Then you need to sign up for the three-day free trial on the subscription page. Later you can also cancel the subscription if you don’t need it as it costs $10 per week.
  4. In the Remini app, tap AI Photos at the bottom of the navigation bar, then select Generate My Photos.
  1. Now give permission to the Remini app for Photos as it needs to upload 8 to 12 images. Make sure you upload a clear image of your face.
  2. Once the image is uploaded to the platform, you will be asked to choose the gender and then browse the AI ​​model you want to proceed with to create the mood of the portrait photo.
  3. You will notice that the image generated by the AI ​​is completely different from the image you uploaded on the platform.
  4. Users will be notified when the process is complete. To ensure this, make sure notifications are enabled and then save the images you want from the different photo variations.

Users can turn ordinary selfies into polished portrait photos. Many popular creators, including Grace, have made TikTok videos using this trend. One video in particular has been viewed more than 40 million times with the caption “Use this trend to get a LinkedIn headshot.” Although this tool is not available for free, there are major concerns about subscribing for $10 weekly. However, you can take advantage of the free trial to get the portrait photos you want and then cancel your subscription.

There are also some alternative tools you can use to generate AI LinkedIn headlines. These include Try It On AI and AI SuitUp, which are free to use. Try It On AI can generate 100 images, while AI SuitUp promises to offer high-quality images for free. This is how you can generate images to join the trend, and these tools have always been quite practical and useful for everyone.

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