How to Create AI Image with Google Search


Many AI art image generators have been released in recent months, especially after the launch of OpenAI’s DALL-E and other similar platforms that allow users to create AI with natural language cues. Some of the tools include MidJourney, Adobe FireFly, Microsoft Image Creator and more.

Google also has similar functionality, but there is no standalone web app explicitly used for creating images with text. To generate images with AI, the company has integrated AI art generators into Google’s Search Genative Experience. Here are the instructions below.

Generate AI art images with Google Search

Multiple capabilities come with AI art image generators. Check out some of the benefits you can use to generate images with Google’s SGE.

  1. You can generate images with natural language prompts using keywords like “Draw a picture” or “Create a picture.”
  2. It is capable of generating images that are accurate and have good details.
  3. There is also a feature to edit the image with the refinement prompt.
  4. Users also have the option to expand the view and edit the options based on their preferences.
  5. Google SGE AI art generators have customization options, including dimensions. To do this, you must specify the width and height in pixels. Please note that Google SGE will not consider large images if you do not specify the size.

    Moreover, you also have the option to generate images with AI using the Google Images page while searching for different images. Once this feature is available to you, you will also be prompted to create a new block to demonstrate new capabilities. The company uses its own Google Images under the hood to create photorealistic and linguistically deep representations instead of using Adobe FireFly integration.

    Google also has a partnership with Adobe Express, which is available as an extension for creating high-quality images. At its core, Google Safeguard prevents the generation of AI art images. Moreover, the company also creates the image using tools that include metadata and watermarks to confirm that the image was created using AI.

    How to create AI art images with text prompts on Google Search

    It’s easy to generate AI images with a text prompt in Google Search. To do this, you need to sign up for Google SGE.

    1. Open your web browser and make sure you are logged in with your Google account.
    2. Move the mouse to the Google search page.
    3. Then write the prompt in the text area, for example, “Draw a picture of a realistic cat drinking coffee in the woods,” or you can use keywords such as “Draw a picture.”
    4. After the prompt is sent, processing starts to generate some images with four variations of the image that you can view, modify, and download.
    5. If you want to edit, click Edit after selecting the image you want to edit.
    6. Now write the prompt in a way that you want to update to refine the image to your preference and further generate the image.

    This works similarly to Microsoft Bing, where you enter a natural language text prompt to create an image in the text area. AI Art Generators has integrated the model into Google SGE, allowing you to generate photorealistic images and deep language representations. You need to make sure you have a context-based and descriptive description so that AI can better understand the images and help generate them.

    Google has also implemented several security measures to prevent misuse of this feature. When you create an image, you must enter a prompt, which then analyzes the text prompt to generate at least four variations of the image. When you browse the images with AI, you can create something new and create AI images from the Google Image page.

    Google continues to roll out this feature, which is still in beta testing. It may take some time before this feature is available to everyone. If you still don’t have the Google Search Generative Experience feature, you can sign up for Google SGE from the Labs page in the Search Generative Experience.

    Recently, OpenAI announced the DALL-E 3 AI model, which is integrated into Microsoft’s Image Creators and Designers. In addition, Google has added many AI capabilities to Google Images and Microsoft has released Microsoft Paint Co-creator for image generation. In addition, Google has also added credibility to images and an ‘About this image’ option for AI-generated images.

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