How Much Does Midjourney Cost?


Midjourney has quickly become one of the most popular AI art generators, allowing users to create stunning images by simply describing what they want. But how much will it actually cost to use Midjourney in 2023, considering there are different pricing tiers available? This comprehensive guide examines the prices and features of Midjourney’s plans to help you determine the right choice based on your needs and budget.

Meet Midjourney

Launched in 2021, Midjourney uses advanced neural networks to generate images from text prompts. It uses techniques such as diffusion models to produce intricate illustrations, paintings and photographs. Its AI capabilities expand creative possibilities, allowing users to bring imaginations to life.

Within the easy-to-use Discord interface, Midjourney enables image generation, iteration, scaling, and scaling. The technology delivers high-resolution images up to 512×512 pixels and even 2048×2048 pixels using the /imagine command.

From artists looking for inspiration to marketers in need of resources, people across industries are now using Midjourney to take visual content to the next level. But how much does access to this groundbreaking technology cost? Let’s break it down.

Subscription plans: Tailor MidJourney to your needs

Basic plan Standard plan Pro plan Mega plan
Monthly subscription fees $10 $30 $60 $120
Annual subscription fee $96
Fast GPU time 3.3 hours/month 15 hours/month 30 hours/month 60 hours/month
Relax GPU time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Buy Extra
GPU time
$4/hour $4/hour $4/hour $4/hour
Work solo in your
Direct messages
Stealth mode
Maximum concurrent tasks 3 lanes
10 jobs waiting in the queue
3 lanes
10 jobs waiting in the queue
12 fast lanes
3 relaxed courts
10 jobs in queue
12 fast lanes
3 relaxed courts
10 jobs in queue
Rate images to earn free GPU time
Usage rights General commercial conditions* General commercial conditions* General commercial conditions* General commercial conditions*

Most important points:

  • Monthly and annual pricing available (annual is 20% off)
  • More expensive plans include faster GPU time
  • Only Basic lacks unlimited, relaxed GPU time
  • Pro and Mega unlock stealth mode and higher resolution upscaling

1. Basic plan

For an attractive price of $10 per month (or $8 per month with an annual commitment), the Basic plan extends 200 minutes of high-speed GPU hours. While it doesn’t have leisurely GPU hours, it serves as an economical starting point for individuals starting their creative journey and focusing on modest projects and occasional image generation needs.

2. Standard plan

The Standard plan, priced at $30 per month (or $24 per month per year), strikes a balance between cost and utility. With 15 hours of fast GPU hours and unlimited leisurely GPU hours, this plan is suitable for a broad spectrum of creative endeavors. It allows users to explore their ideas extensively without the constraints of limited resources.

3. Pro subscription

For the demanding professionals and privacy-conscious makers, the Pro Plan emerges as the ideal choice. The price is $60 per month (or $48 per month with an annual subscription) and includes 30 fast GPU hours and unlimited leisurely GPU hours. Moreover, it introduces an exclusive stealth mode access, ensuring the confidentiality of your creations. This plan is tailored for people with intensive usage requirements and a need for increased privacy features.

4. Turbo plan

Designed for power users and large-scale projects, the Turbo Plan, priced at $120 per month (or $96 per month with an annual subscription), represents the pinnacle of MidJourney’s capabilities. With 60 hours of fast GPU hours and unlimited relaxed GPU hours, this plan guarantees a continuous stream of high-quality images. It is the ultimate choice for those engaged in the most demanding and extensive creative processes.

How do you subscribe to Midjourney?

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Midjourney website (
  2. Click the ‘Sign in’ button in the top right corner.
  3. You will be redirected to authorize the connection to your Discord account. Click “Authorize” to grant Midjourney the required permissions.
  4. Once you have logged in, you will see a menu on the left. Click on the ‘Manage Sub’ tab.
  5. On this page you can view the different subscription options. Select the subscription you want: monthly or annual billing.
  6. Click on the blue ‘Subscribe’ button below the desired subscription.
  7. You will be asked to enter your payment details. Select your payment method and enter the necessary details.
  8. Please double check that all information is correct and then click ‘Subscribe’ again to complete your purchase.
  9. That is it! Your Midjourney subscription is now active. You can start using your credits to generate AI art via Discord.

Key differences between the plans

When selecting a Midjourney plan, keep these important differences in mind:

  • Fast GPU time: The higher levels include faster image generation time. The Mega plan offers up to 60 fast hours per month.
  • Relaxed GPU Access: Only the Basic plan lacks unlimited relaxing time. Other levels offer unlimited generations at relaxed speeds.
  • Advanced features: The Pro and Mega plans unlock stealth mode for privacy and greater image upscaling.
  • Discounts: You can save 20% through annual subscriptions instead of paying monthly.

Use cases for each plan

Here are some examples of ideal users for each Midjourney level:

Basic plan:

  • Hobbyists creating some images for fun
  • Students explore AI art for projects
  • Anyone who wants a cheap introduction

Standard plan:

  • Freelance designers and artists who generate assets
  • Bloggers who create images for articles
  • Marketers who produce images on social media

Pro subscription:

  • Working artists and illustrators who create pieces for clients
  • Game developers generating concept art
  • Advertising agencies that design campaign images

Mega plan:

  • Animation studios that produce assets on a large scale
  • Architectural visualization companies that create renders
  • Web design agencies that design hundreds of images for websites

Maximize the value of your plan

This is how you get the most out of your Midjourney subscription:

  • Use clear, detailed directions for best results
  • Experiment with styles and aspect ratios
  • Refine through upscales and variations
  • Save starting numbers to recreate images
  • Prefer a relaxed mode when possible

With practice, you can achieve increasingly impressive results with Midjourney, while minimizing wasted generations.

Think about long-term goals

Signing up for Midjourney also represents an investment in career or business development. With some guidance, the AI ​​can:

  • Design portfolio
  • Illustrative skills
  • Graphic design options
  • Photography via digital set extensions
  • Image assets for ads and content

Approaching Midjourney as a tool for growth can help justify the subscription costs for serious users. But focus on how it can enhance your creative process rather than replace the human imagination.

The technology still has limitations that require human guidance. Mastering Midjourney takes experimentation, creativity and perseverance.

Is Midjourney worth the investment?

For many artists, marketers and creatives, Midjourney’s capabilities are well worth the subscription cost. Access to advanced AI offers a huge opportunity to develop skills and output.

But approach price levels relative to your current needs and future goals. Starting with the standard subscription makes sense for most users. If you find yourself going over the monthly limits, you can always upgrade later.

Keep in mind that Midjourney should complement rather than replace your existing creative workflows. However, with the right cues and techniques, it can dramatically increase your visual powers.

The bottom line on Midjourney’s pricing

Midjourney gives access to incredible AI art generation that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. But with different subscription levels, the amount you ultimately pay depends on your usage requirements.

Think carefully about your monthly imaging needs and budget. The Standard plan is suitable for most users, but heavy commercial use justifies the Pro or Mega plans.

Remember to track your usage, refine your skills over time, and reassess as your needs increase. When Midjourney is used to its full potential, it can become an indispensable creative ally.

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