Does Samsung Have AI Camera?


In the ever-evolving realm of smartphone technology, Samsung has consistently pushed the boundaries to deliver cutting-edge features to its users. One such innovation is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its camera systems. Since the advent of the Galaxy S10, Samsung has been harnessing the potential of AI to enhance the photography experience for its users.

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Exploring Samsung’s AI Camera Features

1. Scene Optimiser: A Visionary Approach

At the heart of Samsung’s AI camera capabilities lies the Scene Optimiser, a feature introduced with the Galaxy S10 and continuously refined in subsequent models. This advanced AI technology goes beyond conventional image processing, actively recognizing objects within the frame to deliver optimal results.

The Scene Optimiser utilizes AI processing to determine whether the detail enhancement engine should come into play. By capturing multiple images and synthesizing them into a single, luminous picture with minimized noise, this technology ensures that every shot is a visual masterpiece. As Samsung has iterated on this feature, it is now available on the Galaxy S series starting from the S20 model and all Galaxy Z Fold series.

2. Deep Learning-Based AI Detail Enhancement

Building on the foundation of the Scene Optimiser, Samsung’s AI camera employs a deep learning-based detail enhancement engine. After the multi-frame processing stage, this engine intelligently enhances the finer details of the image. This results in photographs that not only capture the moment but also showcase the nuances that might be missed by conventional camera systems.

3. One UI 6 Update: Streamlining the Experience

Samsung’s commitment to user-friendly experiences took a giant leap with the One UI 6 update. This update brought significant AI technology enhancements to the Galaxy camera, minimizing the number of steps required to capture the perfect shot.

– Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X App: A Touch of Brilliance

A standout feature introduced with the One UI 6 update is the Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X app. This application simplifies the editing process by applying optimal edits to both photos and videos with a single touch. Leveraging AI capabilities, the app can identify constellations and galaxies in your pictures, removing blurriness caused by fingerprints on the lens.

– Transformative Capabilities

The Enhance-X app takes your photography and videography to the next level by transforming regular videos into captivating slow-motion sequences. This is achieved through the intelligent use of AI algorithms, showcasing Samsung’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation.

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– Smart Selection for Sharing

Another noteworthy feature of the Enhance-X app is its ability to analyze your photos and video clips, selecting the best ones for sharing. By relying on AI-driven insights, this functionality ensures that your shared content is of the highest quality, reflecting the true essence of the moment.

A Glimpse into the Future: “Zoom with Galaxy AI”

Samsung’s commitment to AI in its camera systems doesn’t stop with the current lineup. The company is teasing its upcoming models with the intriguing tagline, “Zoom with Galaxy AI.” This suggests that Samsung is set to introduce new AI-based camera capabilities, potentially revolutionizing the way users capture distant subjects.


In conclusion, Samsung’s integration of AI into its camera technology is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing users with unparalleled photography experiences. From the Scene Optimiser to the deep learning-based detail enhancement engine and the transformative Enhance-X app, Samsung has seamlessly woven AI into the fabric of its camera systems.

As we eagerly anticipate the future releases hinted at by the “Zoom with Galaxy AI” tagline, it’s clear that Samsung is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in smartphone photography. The convergence of cutting-edge hardware and intelligent software is set to redefine how we capture and share the world around us, making every moment a masterpiece.

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