Best Free Online AI Face Swap Tools


After the introduction of AI, face swapping has taken the internet by storm, making the entire experience better. This is one of the best ways to add a touch of humor, creativity and surprise to your photos. It has become quite popular in recent weeks due to advances in AI technology, making it even easier to switch faces with just a few clicks.

Additionally, advances in AI technology have made it easier to swap faces with just a few clicks, and several free online AI face swap tools are available. However, users have explored some of the best options. From swapping faces with drawings to swapping faces with friends, there are plenty of options available. Test these tools and create hilarious and entertaining results.

The best free online AI Face Swap tool

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Before we go any further, we’d like to mention that with so many options, you might be wondering what the best free face swap app is. Ultimately it comes down to preference and specific needs. However, consider these options as they consistently produce remarkable results and provide a user-friendly experience.

Most of these Face Swap applications work the same. You need to prepare a base and face image and then visit one of the recommended web apps. You can then continue with the instructions on the relevant website. Once the process is completed, you can start face swapping and do more according to your creativity.

Movie Photo Face Swap

You may have heard of this application. This application allows you to easily swap your face for a celebrity or movie character, creating hilarious and entertaining results. It’s simple: upload your image, start drawing the face you want to use, and the tools will do the rest.

Atguru AI face swap

This amazing AI Face Swap highlight allows users to transform faces in photos. It is an AI-powered web app that allows you to choose a custom image or a predefined image. It’s quite simple: upload your face and base images separately, which will take some time to process. Once processing is complete, click the download button to save it locally. Whether you want to use a custom base photo or a predefined base image, everything is possible using this web application.

Face changer

This is a much faster way to switch faces. It works like a charm: go to the platform and then upload the two images one after the other. Then click “Switch Face Now” and wait for the task to be processed. Once it’s done, download it and save it to your computer.


This is one of the well-known photo editing programs that also offers a face swap tool. However, you cannot select a custom base image. Instead, you can choose from a wide range of faces. Then upload your images, select the entire face and choose a replacement face that suits you.


This is one of the best applications that allow users to make things easier, more accurate and more attractive with deep fake images. It offers many features including face swapping, face morphing and face blending. This is free, although the results can sometimes be bizarre. Plus, you can use those bizarre results to play practical jokes on your friends.

Unbored by Reface

If you already have two or more faces that you want to edit, this tool will come in handy as it is fast and efficient. Users need to upload an image and then a base, similar to what we did before with other tools. Once the process is complete, click “Download” to save your image to your computer. It keeps your images in high quality so you don’t lose the original images, ensuring high quality results.


You can also start replacing the face in a photo on mobile using apps like the Fotor AI Face Swapper app. Then you can swap faces for free with the Fotor AI Face Swapper app. It’s also free to use and you can then start experimenting with different faces and styles to create a unique look.


It offers photo and video face swaps and has a simple user interface. It’s one of the simplest tools that lets you upload a photo of yourself and select a model from a list of face-swapping options. Here you can upload an image, and then you have two options that the tool offers, including a few differences between the two. If you use the free version, you will receive a watermark on your images.

Icon8 AI face changer

This online face swap tool can be tried for free to make HD face swaps. Although the restrictions prevent video face swapping, you can still find the perfect face swap for your needs. Moreover, it offers a wide range of features including face morphing, face blending and face swapping. The platform’s extensive gallery of face-swap models further enhances the process.

So this is how you can swap your face with a superhero character or anyone else. This is how you can do that. These are some of the best free online face swap tools that allow users to replace the original face with something else. However, it would be best if you used these face swapping tools responsibly.

It’s still evolving into an entertaining and creative way to enhance photos with the best online face swap tools at your disposal and a clear understanding of how to use them responsibly. You can prepare for a journey full of visual storytelling, laughter and memorable moments by embracing the power of face swapping and creating unforgettable memories with these incredible tools.

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