Best AI Video Editor For iPhone


Many applications are starting to integrate AI for an immersive experience, which then automates various aspects of video editing, making the process more accessible and efficient.

Today in this article we share a guide on the best AI video editing application for your iPhone to automate repetitive editing tasks, improve video quality and create creative effects.

Best AI video editor for iPhone

Video editing is one of those skills that needs practice. It is also very essential for creating content, marketing materials or simple tasks like capturing memories.

AI makes things efficient, making video editing faster and easier, saving time for other creative tasks.

  • We have included different video applications based on your preferences.
  • You can download and install these AI video editing applications from the App Store.
  • Using these applications is quite easy as you can import the video and then use editing tools including AI to enhance your video. This includes artistic editing, scene recognition, object tracking and creative effects.
  • Once you are done editing and polishing text, music, stickers, effects and preview, you can edit the video.
  • Once saved, easily export or share directly to social media platforms.

AI video editor applications have slightly different features and workflows; check out the video editors below.

Features of AI Video Editors for iPhone

Despite having an easy-to-use interface, there is a wide range of features and powerful editing tools suitable for experienced editors.

  • Automatic editing by AI
  • Music and effects library
  • Transitions and temporary
  • AI-powered video analytics
  • Optimization of images
  • Trimming, slow motion, cutting, merging and stabilization
  • Green Screen Removal and Chrome Keying
  • Wide range of filters, movement

Lumen AI video editor

Recently the option was added to automatically edit your video, including adding music, effects and transitions.

Adobe Premiere Rush

The video creation and sharing app from a well-known developer is designed for quick and easy content creation.


The AI-powered video editing system has an integrated AI chatbot for creating unique and challenging videos. The options help with things like generating images, music from promos, creating subtitles, and answering video editing questions.

This features an AI scrambler, AI background replacements, an AI face beautifier with templates, video collages, and social media sharing. However, there is no iPad app available. This app can be downloaded for free with an in-app purchase starting at $4.99.


A free video editing application that offers a wide range of options to create stunning videos. It includes one-tap editing, smart templates, and an AI-powered selection of highlights for creating videos with rich templates. It also offers one-tap editing and intelligent analysis of footage to select highlights.

A new AI video editor with rich video templates and effects that provide one-tap editing and professional tools

Fast: GoPro’s video editor

This allows users to analyze the video footage and then provide suggestions for editing, cropping, adding slow motion and stabilizing shaky footage for better video editing performance.

Users enjoy several AI features, including videos that automatically sync with music, cinema-quality themes, and the ability to capture HD photos from the videos. This powerful and versatile video editing application requires minimal effort. You can download the app for free, including an in-app purchase starting at $1.99.


Another quite popular and easy-to-use app packed with AI video editing capabilities and creative features. One area where the video editor can be useful is one-stop keyframes and smart cutouts for accurately removing unwanted elements while preserving the subject, assets, icons, objects and more.

Some of its most notable features include AI image-to-video generators, multi-camera support, AI Smart Cutout, AI Auto Beat Sync, Auto Speech-to-Text Captions, and AI Axis Alignment. This is available for free but with limited features, and in-app purchases start at $1.99 for additional features.


Another popular video editing application with features like AI-powered cutting, trimming and merging clips, adding filters and music


It comes with unique tools that offer AI stickers, visual effects and other innovative features. This includes a body effect that allows users to create stunning visual effects, and you can get this app for free with an in-app purchase starting at $5.99.

Its AI-powered features include AI anime effects, AI stickers, trending AI effects, and over 10 million royalty-free stock photos and videos that you can use with a variety of other tools and features.


It is one of the most popular iOS devices and offers AI-powered green screen and chroma removal. It offers a wide range of AI-powered features to help you create stunning videos, including AI-generated effects, filters, 3D zooming, automatic lyrics, AI avatar creation, AI background removal, and precise video cropping.

You can get this application for free, with in-app purchases starting at $1.99. One of the most powerful and versatile video editing apps, offering a wide range of AI-powered features for an interface, powerful editing tools and AI-powered capabilities, it is a choice for both beginners and experienced video editors.


For users who need more control over their video editing experience, it offers options for stabilizing footage, object tracking, and more moving images. It includes editing tool options, including sound effects, visual effects, green screens and more, to generate AI backgrounds for your videos. However, most of the features of this application are locked behind a paywall. The app is free, but in-app purchases start at $5.99.

Don’t forget to explore the app’s features and settings so that Video Editor for iPhone can easily create engaging videos.

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