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We’ve seen several AI models, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT, spur industry efforts to develop and integrate generative artificial intelligence (a subset of artificial intelligence). AGI is quite useful and is mainly used for content generation, text summarization and similar tasks. You can explore these AI paragraph summary tools with all the useful online summary tools.

Artificial generative intelligence helps users in individual, professional and academic environments. You can use OpenAI ChatGPT, Google Bard, Meta LLaMA 2 and other similar tools for summarizing text using natural language prompts. AGI has significantly improved productivity, and AI tools have also modernized the text summarization process. However, not all tools work the same way. We’ve rounded up some of the best tools for summarizing text. Check out the following list of the best tools for summarizing text:

The best AI tools for text summarization

These are some of the best AI text summaries, which are said to be quite accurate.

  • These are all AI-based summary generation tools that allow users to quickly and concisely get a summary of text input. They work with long text, such as articles and paragraphs.
  • For the text input, it uses algorithms to analyze the input, creating key points and a summary, saving you a lot of time and energy that you can invest.
  • Some are paid, while others have limitations such as entry length or a trial option.

You can easily get a summary of the articles either in summaries or bullet points to extract the complex points by removing unnecessary text.

Benefits of using the AI-powered summary text tool

Starting with making the content correct and optimized for your readers, generating original, unique content and avoiding plagiarism, it is also quite easy to start using these summary tools. Here are the following instructions listed below:

  1. Start by visiting the AI ​​Summarizer Text tool.
  2. Copy and paste the input into the text box.
  3. Then choose the mode you want, such as tone, style and others, including paragraphs or bullets.
  4. Then click on the Summary option, which will then process the data and generate the content.

This means you can save time and resources with these AI-powered summary tools. Moreover, these Summarizer tools mainly support English, and other languages ​​are only supported by a few AI Summarizer text tools.


Starting with the OpenAI-powered ChatGPT was introduced in November 2022, especially with the introduction of the GPT-4 model accessible through ChatGPT Plus subscriptions. It provides the ability to summarize text; ChatGPT provides more concise, accurate answers and the text input allows you to generate quality accordingly.

The quality is as good as others as most AI-powered tools use the OpenAI AI model. To get a shorter text summary, you can use the “Summarize in short bullets” prompt to get a better summary. ChatGPT can be used to easily summarize the content; However, ChatGPT does not provide a special option to summarize the content.


Another of the most powerful AI-powered tools has an option for summarizing text or paragraphs. Choose the option in the left panel. It extracts bullet points from text to immediately summarize it in an easy-to-understand format. You can use it to summarize up to 1200 words, and it also allows users to adjust the summary length (two summary models that include bullet points of key sentences or paragraphs of key points) to summarize the entire document.

Moreover, you can use other options including paraphrasing, grammar checking, plagiarism detection, translation and the like. However, it lacks intelligent AI-written summaries. You can export to .docx, but it does not support article links and is limited in size due to the character limit.

Semrush summary generator

Semrush has started integrating various tools to attract more customers to use the platform. Users can use this platform to generate a text summary based on text input (paragraphs, articles and other long texts). It offers the option to make the summary in paragraph or bullet format, and there is also a choice to make the content short, medium or long.


The AI ​​Text Summarizer tool is designed to make it easier for users to summarize content. The generated content is high-quality text that summarizes entire documents (or selective paragraphs) in the best possible way. These text summaries are created from the original text input.

Be sure to distinguish this from a paraphrasing tool, which keeps the meaning the same as the input. This tool allows you to create a summary of the text in your own words, which is not considered plagiarism. Under the hood, it uses AI to learn to extract keywords, phrases, sentences or paragraphs based on various criteria.

Alternatively, you can also start using other chatbots such as Microsoft Bing AI, Edge CoPilot, Windows 11 Copilot Meta LlaMA2, You AI, Perplexity, Google Bard and others. These AI chatbots can help users generate summaries of text content. In the text area, you can enter the content you want to generate a summary for, starting with the keyword “Create a summary.”

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