Best AI Chatbot For Mobile (Android & iOS)


After the introduction of ChatGPT, many similar tools helped users generate content using natural language prompts. Providing a highly accessible, seamless experience, these AI chatbots were created to serve unique purposes and cater to different audiences. Such AI chatbots must also work well within an ecosystem, allowing smooth data exchange and interoperability with other tools.

Some apps are powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, which allows users to consider important factors. These AI chatbots have the accuracy and reliability to demonstrate a high degree of accuracy in their output and results, consistently delivering reliable information and completing tasks with precision. These AI chatbots function smoothly across mobile platforms to ensure consistent performance and layout customization.

The Best AI Chatbot for Mobile (Android and iOS)

AI chatbots can be used to have a casual conversation while achieving goals and generating high-quality content. These chatbots are trained on huge data sets to train their AI models.

Today in this article we will share a guide on some of the best AI chatbots for Android and iOS. They should be intuitive and easy to use, designed with ease of use in mind to easily interact with the tools, access features and understand their functionality without requiring extensive technical knowledge. The AI โ€‹โ€‹chatbots available for free are technically balanced.


This is one of the best AI chatbots and offers versatile and expert services similar to ChatGPT on a web app. Moreover, thanks to its impressive language comprehension and generation capabilities, it is gaining better recognition. It stands out for its ability to engage in meaningful and contextually relevant conversations and provide information and useful answers to a wide audience for user questions.

Although it has great qualities, it lacks emotional understanding and can be biased. You can also get a better and latest AI model that costs $20/month for ChatGPT Plus. ChatGPT does offer a free version to access the web app. ChatGPT Plus provides access to GPT-4 for faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements, such as plugins.

Bing chat

This is one of the best AI chatbots; Basically, Bing Chat uses OpenAI and Bing Search APIs to provide real-time information. To use Bing Chat, you need a Microsoft account for long conversations. It offers multiple conversation styles, including creative, balanced and precise.

Bing Chat is free to use. It can create high-quality content alongside offerings like GPT-4, news, Bing Rewards, autofill, Snapchat, voice search, maps, and smart tags. Since it uses the Bing Search API in addition to ChatGPT, it gets updates from the Internet. It even includes Bing Chat to further customize the conversation. You can use Bing Chat on Microsoft Edge and Bing Chat or via Bing in web browsers such as Chrome and Samsung Internet.


This app offers features such as recommendations for improving moods, identifying negative behaviors, and guided activities such as meditation and journal writing. Despite the free app, there are some premium features that will require you to spend $24 per week. The company focuses on providing functionality that allows users to recognize, monitor and manage their thoughts and emotions. Some of the key benefits of using this tool are that it helps users with mindfulness techniques that directly influence the user’s mood and sleep patterns and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression.

Youper has these important components to start using the chatbot for mobile:

  • Youper AI chatbot
  • Journal logs
  • Mood logs
  • Emotional health assessment

The company has tested its product with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral and Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) methodologies for mental health monitoring so that it can provide therapy and behavioral coaching. The app is free; However, during testing, the app felt buggy. These options allow you to express your emotional state, provide options for seeking help, and also identify feelings. Youper encourages users to identify the factors or events that influence their emotional state and offers a selection of activities to help them feel better.

Babylon Health

Like Youper, Babylon Health is among the best in healthcare because it offers personalized health monitoring, video calls with real doctors, and actionable real-world insights to prevent disease. However, it lacks some common reconciliations because it is not as reliable as visiting a real doctor, and thus cannot be used for obtaining prescriptions. Babylon Health costs $320/year for proactive health management, available 24/7, including digital health features and online doctor consultation.

Babylon is among the top innovative health chatbots and aims to provide comprehensive insights into your healthcare needs. Moreover, it offers the convenience of finding suitable doctors and scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals. Additionally, the chatbot will ask you to describe your symptoms so that users can respond to health-related questions. Babylon generates comprehensive well-being reports, accompanied by practical tips to maintain well-being.


Tidio is a live chat and communication platform that helps users improve customer support and engagement with their website visitors by responding to customer queries in real time. Moreover, Tidio offers the opportunity to handle questions efficiently. Additionally, Tidio integrates with websites, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to reach customers across multiple touchpoints.

You can get instant answers to customer questions with conversational AI, multi-channel integration, and automation capabilities. However, there are some limitations, such as personalized customization. Additionally, this app has a steep learning curve for advanced features. This app offers a $49/month subscription, which comes with a live visitor list, ready-made chat templates for different purposes, and push notifications.


The prominent language model, trained on a huge dataset containing years of data, is quite effective in facilitating research and learning. This also provides a specific purpose in mind that will allow users interested in exploring AI apps for mental health to get more use out of some of the chatbots we’ve shared.

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