AI Yearbook Trend: How To Do It?


In the vibrant world of social media, trends come and go like fleeting seasons, but some trends capture our hearts and imaginations and provide a delicious mix of nostalgia and innovation. One such trend that has recently taken TikTok and other platforms by storm is the resurgence of AI Yearbook Photos. This trend has users flocking to display their vintage, ’90s-inspired portraits despite being born in the digital age. So, how can you join in on this wave of nostalgia? In this blog post, we explore the fascinating world of the AI ​​Yearbook trend and guide you on how to effortlessly create your own trend with the EPIK app.

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Understanding AI yearbook photos

Before we dive into the process, let’s first understand what AI Yearbook Photos are about. These mesmerizing images offer a glimpse into the past and imagine what you might have looked like in the 1990s. Even if you missed this iconic era, have no fear! AI technology lets you transform your current photos into vintage masterpieces, complete with the essence of the 90s.

AI yearbook trend: how do you do that?

Our gateway to this nostalgic journey is the EPIK app, an easy-to-use tool designed to bring your AI yearbook photos to life. This is how you can create your own timeless portraits step by step:

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1. Download and register

Start by downloading the EPIK app from your respective app store. After installation, create an account to get started with your creative business.

2. Choose the AI ​​yearbook option

Once you are in the app dashboard, select the ‘AI Yearbook’ option. Continue by uploading 8 to 12 selfies with different backgrounds so that your face is clearly visible in each photo.

3. Customization and selection

In the next step, indicate your gender and select a rate plan. EPIK offers two options: standard and express. The Standard plan allows you to create approximately 60 AI Yearbook images, which takes approximately 24 hours to complete. If you choose the express plan, the same quantity will be delivered in just 2 hours. Choose the subscription that suits your preferences and budget.

4. Wait for the transformation

Once you’ve made your choices, sit back and relax. EPIK will work its magic for about 2 hours, transforming your selfies into captivating AI yearbook photos.

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Why choose EPIK?

You may wonder why EPIK stands out in the sea of ​​apps. Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Affordability: Creating AI yearbook photos with EPIK is incredibly affordable, costing just a few dollars for 60 images.
  • User-friendly interface: EPIK features a seamless user interface, which ensures a hassle-free experience during the creation process.
  • Boundless Creativity: With EPIK the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity and explore the 90s aesthetic without any limitations.

Join the trend!

The appeal of AI Yearbook Photos lies not only in their vintage charm, but also in the joy of connecting with a bygone era. As these nostalgic portraits flood social media platforms, you can be part of this trend and enchant viewers with your unique blend of past and present.

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Frequently asked questions about AI yearbook photos

Question 1: What is the cost of taking AI yearbook photos? Creating 60 AI yearbook photos with EPIK costs just three to four dollars, making it an affordable choice for anyone looking for a touch of nostalgia in their social media feed.

Question 2: How many AI Yearbook photos can you take? You have the freedom to take up to 60 AI Yearbook photos with EPIK. For a small investment you can have an abundance of compelling images to share with the world.

Question 3: Which app can we use to take AI Yearbook photos? While there are several apps available, our top recommendation is the EPIK app. It is accessible on both Play Store and Apple App Store, bringing convenience to users across platforms.

Q4: Can I customize the backgrounds of my AI Yearbook photos? Absolute! EPIK lets you experiment with different backgrounds and add a personal touch to your AI yearbook photos. Unleash your creativity and create images that really suit your style.

Question 5: How long will it take to receive the AI ​​yearbook photos? With EPIK’s express option, you can expect your AI yearbook photos to be ready in 2 hours. This fast turnaround time means you can quickly embrace the trend and share your captivating images with the world.

In short, AI Yearbook Photos offer a wonderful journey into the past, allowing you to experience the vintage charm of the 90s. The EPIK app makes this experience not only accessible, but also incredibly enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of AI Yearbook Photos and unleash your creativity.

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