A Guide to Crafting Unique Royalty-Free Music



In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation, having the perfect background music can take your videos or podcasts to new heights. Introducing Beatoven.ai, a revolutionary tool that harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to simplify and improve the process of creating original, mood-based music. This platform is a game-changer for content creators looking for unique and royalty-free musical accompaniments for their projects.

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How to use Beatoven.ai

To work

To begin your musical journey with Beatoven.ai, start by uploading your video or podcast, or start with a selected song. The platform caters to a range of themes by offering eight different genres. This first step sets the tone for your composition.

Mood selection

Beatoven.ai recognizes the dynamic nature of content and allows you to create multiple parts, each with a unique atmosphere. With a palette of 16 different moods, you can fine-tune the mood of each section to precisely match your creative vision.

Composition magic

Once your selections are ready, hit the ‘Set Up’ button and let the AI ​​work its magic. Beatoven.ai uses advanced music theory and production concepts to generate a unique song for you. The platform’s commitment to diversity extends to region-specific music, ensuring global resonance and appeal.

Customization options

Beatoven.ai lets you customize every aspect of your composition. Adjust the length, choose instruments and refine the genre and mood to create music that perfectly suits your content. The possibilities are as great as your imagination.

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Features that differentiate Beatoven.ai

Diversity in music

A notable feature of Beatoven.ai is its commitment to diversity in music creation. Specialized algorithms respond to region-specific music, making it a global platform that resonates with a global audience. This ensures that your content has a unique cultural flavor, making it recognizable to different corners of the world.

User-friendly interface

Beatoven.ai isn’t just for seasoned musicians; it is suitable for content creators who may not have a background in music composition. The platform’s intuitive interface makes it accessible to everyone, simplifying the music creation process for everyone.

Tutorials for seamless integration

To guide users in their musical endeavors, Beatoven.ai offers insightful tutorials. These step-by-step guides describe how to set up your workspace, start a new project, and generate your first music track. The tutorials also delve into maximizing the use of the 16 vibrant moods, helping you take your content to new creative heights.

Flexible prices

Beatoven.ai offers simple pricing plans to meet different needs. Ideal for private individuals and makers who need music sporadically, the costs are calculated per minute of music. What sets it apart is that these minutes never expire, giving users the flexibility to use their purchased music at their own pace.


In conclusion, Beatoven.ai emerges as a powerful tool that democratizes music creation. Whether you’re a seasoned composer or a content creator looking for the perfect backdrop for your videos or podcasts, this platform offers a versatile and accessible space. By combining advanced AI techniques with easy-to-use features, Beatoven.ai empowers individuals to create their own original, royalty-free, and easily licensed music.

As the digital content landscape continues to evolve, Beatoven.ai is leading the way, offering a transformative experience for those who want to infuse their creations with the perfect musical touch. Embrace the future of music creation with Beatoven.ai, where creativity knows no bounds and every project becomes a unique sonic masterpiece.

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