Who is Larry Summers at OpenAI?



In a recent development, OpenAI, the pioneering artificial intelligence research laboratory, has announced the return of Sam Altman as CEO, accompanied by a revamped board. Notable among the new board members is Larry Summers, a leading economist and former US Treasury Secretary. This article discusses the details of Larry Summers’ role at OpenAI, the circumstances surrounding Sam Altman’s return, and the implications of this strategic move.

After an abrupt departure, Sam Altman will take the helm at OpenAI again. The original board, chaired by Bret Taylor, consists of Larry Summers and existing board member Adam D’Angelo. This realignment marks a new phase for OpenAI under Altman’s leadership.

Larry Summers:

A short profile:

Larry Summers is no newcomer to power and economic decision-making. As a leading economist and former US Treasury Secretary, his inclusion on OpenAI’s board brings a wealth of economic policy expertise.

Summers’ expertise and connections:

In addition to his government roles, Summers served as an advisor to technology companies and venture capital firms. This unique blend of experience positions him to provide valuable insights at the intersection of technology and economic policy.

Summers’ warning about AI and jobs:

Summers has been vocal about the potential job losses due to AI, and foresees significant impacts over the next century. His emphasis on maintaining US competitiveness in AI development reflects a keen awareness of the evolving landscape.

Altman’s abrupt resignation and reconciliation:

Altman’s return as CEO follows a sudden resignation by OpenAI’s previous board, which led to protests and resignations. The subsequent agreement emphasizes the importance of reconciling internal disagreements for the stability of the organization.

Microsoft’s commitment and possible board seat:

Microsoft, a key partner of OpenAI, has reaffirmed its commitment despite the leadership changes. Speculation looms that Microsoft is seeking a board seat, possibly to have a more direct influence on the direction of OpenAI.

Balance between technology and economic perspectives:

The composition of the new board indicates a deliberate attempt to balance technological expertise with economic prospects. This is critical as the societal impact of AI continues to expand and requires a nuanced approach.

Path forward for OpenAI:

With the new board in place, OpenAI plans to pursue a path forward that aligns technology industry leadership with economic policy guidelines. Establishing internal relationships and nurturing external partnerships will be an integral part of their strategy.

Summer appointment:

Significance: The appointment of Larry Summers signifies OpenAI’s recognition of the economic implications of AI. As the organization charts its course, Summers’ role will be crucial in shaping policies that take into account both technological advances and their broader societal impact.


OpenAI is at a crossroads with a redefined leadership structure. The mix of Sam Altman’s technical insight and Larry Summers’ economic insights positions the organization strategically. The challenges ahead require a delicate balance, and the collaboration between Altman and Summers signals a commitment to driving OpenAI into a future where both technology and economics play critical roles.

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