What is Custom Instructions on ChatGPT?

Custom Instructions is a new feature for ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI. This groundbreaking feature allows users to add preferences or requirements that they would like ChatGPT to consider when generating responses. By utilizing Custom Instructions, users can now shape their interactions with ChatGPT to better suit their needs and preferences, creating a more personalized and efficient AI experience.

Introduction to Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI, has been revolutionizing the way people interact with AI language models. With Custom Instructions, this technology takes a giant leap forward by allowing users to customize the behavior of the AI to a greater extent. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all interactions; users can now tailor the AI’s responses to align with their unique requirements and desires.

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Understanding the Concept of Custom Instructions

Defining Custom Instructions

Custom Instructions on ChatGPT refer to the specific guidelines or prompts that users provide to the AI. These instructions can range from asking the AI to avoid certain topics, prioritize specific types of responses, or follow particular conversational guidelines.

A More Personalized Experience

The primary purpose of Custom Instructions is to empower users to have a more personalized experience with ChatGPT. By shaping the AI’s responses according to their preferences, users can feel more engaged and satisfied with the conversations.

The Power of Preferences

With Custom Instructions, users have the power to set the tone for interactions with ChatGPT. They can tailor the AI’s responses to match their personal preferences, making conversations feel more natural and relevant.

Utilizing Custom Instructions Across Chat Sessions

Cross-Session Memory

One of the most remarkable aspects of Custom Instructions is its cross-session memory. This means that the instructions provided by the user in one chat session will be retained and applied to new conversations going forward.

Persistent Customizations

Thanks to cross-session memory, users do not need to restate their preferences every time they engage with ChatGPT. The AI will automatically consider and adhere to the instructions previously given, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience.

Enhanced User Engagement

By remembering past interactions and instructions, ChatGPT can build a stronger rapport with users. This fosters a sense of continuity and familiarity, making the AI feel more like a trusted conversational partner.

Accessing Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

Users can effortlessly access the Custom Instructions feature through the ChatGPT settings on iOS devices. OpenAI has designed the user interface to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for a seamless and enjoyable experience when configuring the AI’s behavior.

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Tailoring AI Responses with Custom Instructions

Avoiding Sensitive Topics

Users may want to steer conversations away from sensitive subjects. With Custom Instructions, they can request the AI not to engage in discussions on specific topics or to avoid generating potentially controversial content.

Prioritizing Specific Themes

Whether for work, study, or personal interests, users can instruct ChatGPT to prioritize certain types of responses. This ensures that the AI focuses on delivering relevant and valuable information based on the user’s requirements.

Creating a Unique AI Personality

Custom Instructions allow users to shape the personality of ChatGPT to some extent. They can encourage the AI to use a particular tone, style, or even specific phrases, resulting in a more enjoyable and tailored conversation.

Learning to Use Custom Instructions

Community Support

The growing community of ChatGPT users is a valuable resource for understanding and utilizing Custom Instructions effectively. Users can exchange tips and share experiences, enriching the overall AI experience.

OpenAI Documentation

For comprehensive information and technical details, users can refer to the official OpenAI documentation, which offers in-depth explanations and best practices for using Custom Instructions.

FAQs about Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

FAQ 1: What kind of preferences can I set using Custom Instructions?

With Custom Instructions, you can request ChatGPT to avoid specific topics, prioritize certain responses, or even adopt a preferred writing style or tone.

FAQ 2: How does cross-session memory work in Custom Instructions?

Cross-session memory ensures that the instructions provided by you in one chat session are retained and applied in future conversations with ChatGPT.

FAQ 3: Can I customize ChatGPT’s responses on multiple devices?

Yes, Custom Instructions are not device-specific. Your preferences set on one device will be carried over to other devices where you use ChatGPT.

FAQ 4: Are there any limits to the number of Custom Instructions I can set?

While there might be some constraints on the total number of instructions you can set, you have ample flexibility to customize ChatGPT to suit your needs.

FAQ 5: Can I change or update my Custom Instructions over time?

Absolutely! You can modify your Custom Instructions at any time, allowing you to adapt ChatGPT to your evolving preferences and requirements.

FAQ 6: Is there a chance ChatGPT might not follow my Custom Instructions?

While ChatGPT is designed to adhere to your Custom Instructions, it might not always be perfect. OpenAI continuously works on improving the AI’s performance to match user preferences better.


Custom Instructions on ChatGPT is a game-changer in the realm of AI language models. By providing users with the ability to shape the AI’s behavior, preferences, and personality, ChatGPT becomes a truly personalized and engaging conversational partner. This feature has opened up exciting possibilities for individuals, businesses, and educators to maximize the potential of AI interactions. Embrace the power of Custom Instructions on ChatGPT and experience the future of AI communication!

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