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Each company is working to develop its own generative AI, a subset of artificial intelligence. These generative AIs are built on large language model datasets to train their AI models, which work like internal chatbots. In recent years, AI has driven efforts by developers and companies to provide AI functionality to improve productivity and user experience.

It appeared after OpenAI announced several AI models such as DALL-E, GPT, Whisper and more. As the industry became concerned about the dominance of Apple’s technology, as well as offering Generative AI with their service, many companies began working on their own Generative AI. Many companies, such as Meta, which released LLaMA 2, Google Bard, and Adobe’s FireFly, have integrated generative AI into their products and services.

AI-powered generative AI

There are many AI models, including the ability to generate and edit images with text, generate and answer user questions, transcribe speech, and more with natural language prompts. Apple has laid the foundation for its Large Language Model, Apple GPT, an AI bot that could launch. According to reports, Apple has also banned the use of ChatGPT, Github CoPilot and other AI chatbots to use these features as they could leak confidential company data.

Previous generation, ChatGPT 3.5

ChatGPT 3.5 is trained on 200 billion parameters. Apple wants to create a feature that will allow Siri to automate multi-step tasks and perform tasks currently performed with shortcuts. Additionally, Apple avoided mentioning AI at their developer conference in June.

Users can use AI to answer complex questions, write code, automatically generate playlists, solve code problems, and more. This isn’t the first time Apple has used AI. The company already uses AI and machine learning for photos, Spotlight Search, Visual Lookup, Crash Detection, ECG, Autocorrect and Siri Suggestions. A subset of AI called generative AI is said to be more advanced and will add more functionality. Apple considered a partnership with OpenAI and tested the company’s technology for the computing team, but neither agreed.

Apple GPT Surfaces Online

The company has successfully developed its regenerative AI, the Ajax Framework Large Language Model, known internally as Apple GPT Foundation. Last year, Apple assembled a team of engineers to build an AI model and integrate it into its products and services. The AI ​​model is not yet ready for consumers and has yet to be integrated into products and services. Moreover, Apple is exploring how to monetize it while offering users a real opportunity.

Apple AI Framework, Ajax, builds on Google’s Jax machine learning framework. This means that the LLM runs on Google Cloud, like an iCloud service. Internally, the company uses AI to summarize text and answer questions based on the data it trained its AI model on. They have special permission to use the chatbot. Ahead of the release, Apple is being more cautious than its competitors and prioritizing privacy over functionality. This could result in Siri lagging behind Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft CoPilot and other AI-powered assistants.

Apple could also integrate its generative AI into its Siri voice assistant, while offering various functionalities for photos, image editor and more. With AI, users have better autocorrection, photo editing, and search capabilities to easily find answers to complex questions. The training data sources reveal that the Apple Privacy Policy for Dictation suggests that the company may use data such as transcripts of Siri interactions to train and improve the AI ​​model that powers Siri Dictation and related services.

Apple GPT release

Executives did not share the timeline for releasing the Apple GPT to consumers, and since the report broke, Apple has gained 2.3% ($198.23) while shares of Microsoft, NVIDIA and Alphabet fell more than 1%. Many companies have become interested in generative AI, which could revolutionize user experience and business. There’s no timeline for releasing Apple’s AI model, but we expect Apple to make AI-related announcements next year. Reportedly, Apple’s GPT could be seen when iOS 18 launches in late 2024, sometime in September.

Ahead of the official announcement, Apple is considering how AI will potentially revolutionize the way devices work, changing the way users interact with the device. Last year, Apple generated $320 billion; If the company fails to keep pace, it may fail to generate such revenues.

Other companies like Samsung are also working on generative AI to develop their own internal ChatGPT-like tools. While Microsoft sells AI solutions to companies, which is a serious attempt to develop technology, Apple could seamlessly jump into current and future projects, and eventually Apple GPT will appear on all major Apple devices and services and become a part of the needs of every Apple consumer. to live.

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